RELEASE: Deudafix achieves the "first" exoneration with the new and faster Second Chance Law in Spain

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Deudafix achieves the "first" exoneration with the new and faster Second Chance Law in Spain

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, November 23, 2022.

Debtfix, cancels more than €200,000 of a client's debt in less than 60 days. The first exoneration in Spain with the new and faster Second Chance Law

Deudafix, a leading company in the processing of personal insolvency proceedings in Spain, has obtained the first Order granting the exoneration of debts subject to the new Bankruptcy Law (Law of the Second Chance), text modified at the end of September. The Court number 5 of Ceuta, in charge of completing the procedure, has resolved it in just a month and a half, from the filing of the claim to the granting of the exoneration. Deudafix, achieved the elimination of more than €200,000 of debts for our client in record time."Our client Mr. Andrés, a civil servant by profession, had a very complicated personal and financial situation, with two economically dependent minor children, his unemployed wife and a family home that he did not want to lose. The client had to go into debt to maintain a dignified life that was finally impossible to pay for.""Without the support of the Second Chance Law, our client, Mr. Andrés, became would have faced the loss of his family home and the lifetime seizure of his payroll". Deudafix lawyers advised Mr. Andrés and processed the procedure with the new Bankruptcy Law, informing him of the total exoneration of his debts in less 60 days after filing the claim. Carmen Fernánde, Senior Lawyer at Deudafix indicates: "The new regulation of the Bankruptcy Law is more accessible to everyone, we are happy to provide access to it for our clients. Thousands of Spanish families can solve their financial situation and start over without debt. It is very gratifying to help our clients like this". Deudafix, is headquartered in Madrid and already has more than 150 employees, dedicated to solving the economic problems of its clients. Luis Miguel Díaz Simón, Legal Director added: "With the new Second Chance Law, there is no need for vulnerable people to suffer all the damages derived from their debts. I encourage anyone concerned about their economic situation to contact Deudafix". Deudafix currently represents more than 6,000 clients, with the main objective of exonerating their debts. Anyone who is over-indebted can seek help at www. To see the successful exoneration file click here

Contact Contact name: Luis Miguel Díaz Contact description: Legal Director Lawyer, Administrator and Bankruptcy Mediator Contact telephone number: 919 492 222



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