RELEASE: Kavalan Crowned Best Single Malt Whiskey in Tokyo

Taiwanese distiller celebrates tremendous awards season.

RELEASE: Kavalan Crowned Best Single Malt Whiskey in Tokyo

Taiwanese distiller celebrates tremendous awards season

TAIPEI, July 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Kavalan has beaten the competition to claim the title of "Best Asian Distillery" at 2023 Tokyo Whiskey

The organizers stated that the new prize was established as a stand-alone award to better showcase the development and potential of the region, excluding Japan.

YT Lee, CEO of Kavalan, explained that he was most proud that Solist PX Sherry Cask won the coveted "Best Single Malt Whisky" of 2023.

"I'm told there were 183 single malts in the spirits category of this year's contest, so I'm very honored that the judges in Tokyo thought our PX Sherry was the best," said YT Lee.

The "Best of the Best" is a two-part blind tasting process that begins with 12 or more judges selecting the top 20 single malts. The second round of judging, by 10 special judges, awards the brand with the highest score the title of "Best of The Best".

Kavalan also won the 2023 Best Cost Performance Asian Whiskey award for Distillery Select No.2. and three top golds for their Solist PX Sherry, Distillery Reserve Peated Malt and Solist Oloroso Sherry. The entire Solist range is bottled in barrels.

2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC)

In San Francisco, Kavalan's Solist ex-Bourbon Single Cask Strength was named "Best-in-Class Single Malt" for its deliciously complex and multidimensional flavor featuring vanilla, fruit and coconut.

2023 International Whisky Competition (IWC)

And at the IWC, Kavalan was crowned the 2023 International Whiskey Competition (IWC) Distillery of the Year. First, second and third place in the coveted Best World Whiskey - Cask Strength category went to Kavalan Solist Port, Distillery Reserve Madeira Cask and Distillery Reserve Peated Malt.

About Kavalan Distillery

Kavalan Distillery in Yilan County has pioneered the art of single malt whiskey in Taiwan since 2005. Aged in conditions of intense humidity and heat, our whiskey is fed by Snowy Mountain meltwater and enhanced by the sea ​​and mountain breezes. All of this combines to create Kavalan's signature creaminess. Taking its ancient name from Yilan County, our distillery is backed by some 40 years of brewing under parent company King Car Group. We've earned more than 770 gold or higher awards in the most competitive contests in the industry. Visit www.kavalanwhisky. com

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