RELEASE: Majorel wins Outsourcer of the Year award

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Majorel wins Outsourcer of the Year award

(Information sent by the signatory company)

· In addition, the customer experience services company has won the awards for Best Technical Support Provider and Best Claims Provider, both for Orange.

Madrid, November 25, 2022. Majorel, a world leader in customer experience services, has been chosen as the Best Supplier of the Year during the Customer Relationship Excellence Awards gala that were delivered at the Kinépolis cinemas in Ciudad de la Imagen (Madrid). This is the third time that Majorel has obtained this award, after winning the 2017 and 2019 editions.

Organized by the Spanish Association of Customer Relationship Experts (AEERC), with the collaboration of IFAES and under the IZO methodology and expertise, the Customer Relationship Excellence Awards thoroughly and objectively evaluate quality metrics, operation, service indicators and technology used together with customer satisfaction.

The jury for the Excellence in Customer Relations Awards highlighted Majorel's capacity for global operational management and the satisfaction of its customers when it came to awarding it the award.

"The Majorel team is proud to receive recognition as the best Outsourcer, because it shows the firm commitment to our clients, the excellence in our operations and the talent of our professionals", declared Íñigo Arribalzaga, CEO of Majorel IBILAT. "Our passion and the commitment of our clients and teams, added to the combination of human talent, advanced technology and our global presence, are some of the strengths and attributes that are reflected in awards like this", added Arribalzaga.

Likewise, the company has also received two awards; in the categories of Best Technical Support Provider and Best Claims Provider, both for the work carried out for the multinational telecommunications company Orange. These recognitions are a clear example of Majorel's commitment to excellence, the commitment to continuous improvement of its processes, talent and technology.

"Majorel participates in the management of practically all the phases of the life cycle of Orange customers and, especially, in some of the most relevant, such as the resolution of claims and technical incidents", says the CEO of Majorel IBILAT. "The holistic knowledge we have of its customers makes us a strategic partner of Orange in optimizing processes and improving the customer experience," Arribalzaga stated.

About Majorel

At Majorel we design and develop next-generation end-to-end customer experience services for many of the world's most respected brands, those considered digital natives and leaders in all business sectors. We have a global presence spanning 44 countries across 5 continents, with more than 82,000 people and 60 languages, allowing us to offer flexible solutions that leverage our unique expertise in cultural nuances, essential for true Customer Experience excellence. .

We have extensive sector experience in augmented technology from the front to the back office. Additionally, we offer Digital Consumer Engagement, CEX Consulting and an innovative suite of proprietary Digital Solutions for industry verticals. We are global leaders in Content Services, Trust

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