RELEASE: The new InLac spot encourages the consumption of dairy foods of national origin

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: The new InLac spot encourages the consumption of dairy foods of national origin

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, April 12

"Javi" is the child protagonist of this spot with which InLac promotes the consumption of dairy foods of national origin to promote generational change, the continuity of the national sector and guarantee the socioeconomic future of rural areas

"Thank you" is the motto of the new TV spot from the Interprofessional Dairy Organization (InLac) that appeals to the consumption of dairy foods of Spanish origin. It is about raising awareness among consumers, with their purchasing power, that they have the key to promoting generational change, guaranteeing the viability of the dairy sector and the rural future. With this spot, the sector wants to take a new step to promote dairy foods of Spanish origin in the market, with the aim of promoting the economy, employment, environmental sustainability and the survival of rural areas. Currently, the country imports much more dairy than it exports, with a negative trade balance of more than 1,065 million euros in 2023. Specifically, Spain imported dairy products last year worth more than 2,727.5 million euros. As detailed by Daniel Ferreiro, president of InLac, "we advocate that consumers opt for dairy products of Spanish origin and pay attention to the label. Because the origin does matter. The value behind each glass of milk, yogurt or piece must be recognized. of cheese. By supporting the local producing and processing sector, choosing Spanish dairy products, we will preserve the gastronomic culture and identity and will also support the economy of rural areas," Ferreiro specifies. The consumption of at least 3 dairy products a day is the recommendation that experts, the medical society and also the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN) do. Dairy products are foods located at the base of the nutritional pyramid, a source of essential nutrients for the body and within the framework of a varied and balanced diet, they contribute to having a healthy consumption habit. For all these reasons, the 'Thank You for It' campaign 'Invites consumers to appreciate not only the benefits of dairy products, but also that they are of Spanish origin. "You are doing something good for health, and also for all the children and young people who want to stay where they were born and continue with what their parents started," comments the managing director of InLac, Nuria María Arribas. "If we acquire dairy foods of Spanish origin, we improve the quality of life of ranchers, we encourage cooperatives and manufacturers to continue their activity, we encourage generational change and we fight against depopulation and the advance of Empty Spain," Arribas continues. Take an average of 3 dairy products a day. This is the message that the Interprofessional Dairy Organization (InLac) has been promoting for years, backed by different scientific research of maximum rigor and objectivity (the prestigious international publication "ADVANCES IN NUTRITION" is a good example of the compilation of the main scientific articles published about it from the hand of Ángel Gil and Rosa M. Ortega). Dairy products are foods located at the base of the nutritional pyramid that have been part of healthy Mediterranean and Atlantic diets. To see the spot, you can click here.

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