STATEMENT: Approved the Royal Decree of the connected V16 beacon. Erum Vial explains how it works

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Approved the Royal Decree of the connected V16 beacon. Erum Vial explains how it works

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 21, 2022.

From January 1, 2026, neither the triangles nor the unconnected beacon will be able to be used

The Council of Ministers yesterday approved the Royal Decree that regulates the characteristics for the development, connectivity and marketing of the V16 connected beacon, which is undoubtedly good news to improve the safety of drivers who suffer a breakdown on the road , improving its visibility and alerting other users of its presence. Unfortunately, in the last three years, 40 people have died after being run over when their vehicle stopped due to a breakdown. The lighting of the V16 beacon must be auto yellow and visible in a 360 degree field, it will be placed on the top of the vehicle , being able to resist temperatures between -10ºC and 50 ºC, reporting on the location of the vehicle every 100 seconds. The device must have passed a certification that guarantees compliance with the technical, operational and safety specifications. For this reason, users must verify that the beacon bears the certification seal, information also available on the official website of the traffic platform. According to Juan Manuel Erum, CEO of Erum Vial, with the approval of the standard that allows the use of light beacons connected to the official traffic platform, millions of users in Spain will travel safer thanks to PF Led ONE V16, which will warn position automatically in the event of an incident on the road. The Erum Group, at the forefront of Road Technology In a few weeks, the Erum Group, through its subsidiary Erum Vial, will offer all users the Possibility of acquiring its V16 PF Led One beacon, with which it can be connected in the event of an incident on the road, sending its location to the traffic platform through a direct connection with its 3.0 platform. This notification connectivity with the incident alert, as well as the data that is sent (which will be completely anonymous), are guaranteed during the 12 years established by the regulations, and its cost is included in the price of the beacon at the time to acquire it, so the user should not pay any fee or charge for this service. In addition, another of the advantages offered by the PF Led One beacon is the possibility of linking it to the mobile through PF Rescue, an App that is installed independently of the beacon and that allows relevant information to be offered to the driver such as traffic, a map with its position, the monitoring of the crane, services, offers and discounts... Innovation, technology and sustainability This project, which today sees the light after several years of development, has been a technological challenge for the Erum Group, involving different departments, such as innovation, design, production, logistics and even sustainability, since the PF Led One V16 beacon has been designed under eco-design criteria, thinking from its origin in the recycling of its components, being the only available beacon made with materials recycled. More information at and

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