STATEMENT: Chacarrex, 36 years leading fire protection systems

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Chacarrex, 36 years leading fire protection systems

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, February 16

Chacarrex is celebrating, it is 36 years since it landed in the world of fire protection systems. Currently, the company has a staff of more than 45 qualified professionals with extensive experience in the sector, thanks to its commitment to quality and safety.

Founded in 1987, its founder Enrique Caro began gutting fire extinguishers in a small store in Madrid to understand how they work. Over the years and the advancement of technology, the company went from reviewing fire extinguishers or fire detection centers to becoming a pioneer in the innovation of comprehensive PCI solutions.

Chacarrex is currently a company dedicated to all types of fire protection systems which, thanks to its commitment to quality and safety, continues to be the leader in the sector in the Community of Madrid.

What are and what types of fire systems exist?

Fire systems are known as all those means, knowledge and systems that will help prevent or control fires that may arise on any type of surface.

Within the wide range of fire protection systems offered at Chacarrex, you can find anything from fire extinguishers or smoke detectors to sprinkler systems or smoke and heat control systems. All the products mentioned above are manufactured with the highest quality standards and comply with European regulations to guarantee their effectiveness in an emergency.

Chacarrex not only offers maintenance and installation services for PCI elements, but also consultancy and engineering services related to any type of fire protection system in communities of owners, buildings or industrial warehouses.

The teams of experts that make up the company are highly trained professionals, who carry out maintenance, tests and possible repairs that always guarantee the correct operation of all fire systems in any type of building.

What makes Chacarrex different?

For those responsible for this company, safety is a vitally important factor and that is why they strive to ensure that their clients fully understand how fire protection systems should be used, giving courses and training that allow them to acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to manage the systems that they want to install in their building.

But not only safety is one of the factors to be taken into account at Chacarrex, but also the environment, something that is very much in mind and for which, over the years, they have evolved towards a line of systems manufactured with components and materials that do not are toxic or harmful to the environment, as well as an internal policy of minimizing waste. As a result of this, they have several certifications such as ISO14001 that endorses this evolution towards a cleaner world.

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