STATEMENT: Marion Clignet, technological co-founder of Jelenew launches the "Sprinters Jersey Lab"

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STATEMENT: Marion Clignet, technological co-founder of Jelenew launches the "Sprinters Jersey Lab"

(Information sent by the signatory company)

- World champion and Olympic medalist Marion Clignet, technological co-founder of Jelenew launches the "Sprinters Jersey Lab"

With 30 years of experience and dedication to cycling, creating cycling clothing truly made for women

WILMINGTON, Del., March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- "When I was 22, I woke up on the floor of a store, surrounded by people asking me my name and where I lived. I knew the answers, but I couldn't tell them ". This attack and the subsequent diagnosis of epilepsy cost Marion Clignet her driving license and she began to travel by bicycle. Thus began the journey of an epilepsy patient's champion. Since 1990, she has placed first in six world championships and won two silver medals at the Olympic Games representing France. She also broke the world record of the time in 1996 and won the French national championship on numerous occasions, including individual pursuit and road races. She achieved more than 350 victories in her career, including stage victories and winning jerseys in the Women's Tour de France and the Women's Giro.

In addition to cycling, Clignet was also an accomplished mountain runner, winning the French long-distance running and cycling duathlon championships and six middle-distance triathlons. She competed against men in Brittany several times, gaining many followers and bringing more public attention to women's cycling. After retiring from competitive cycling, she continued to invest in cycling education and the rights of female cyclists, dedicating herself to promoting women's cycling.

Throughout her 30-year cycling career, she overcame the difficulties of training and the unfair treatment of women in competition, but she never found cycling clothing truly designed for women, which suited their anatomical structure, physiological needs and aesthetic demands. . In his professional career, Clignet tried several cycling shorts and jerseys only to discover that most ill-fitting garments caused serious damage to the skin, the accumulation of sweat made it difficult to regulate temperature and impaired endurance, and The rubbing of the saddle caused injuries.

Whether training or competing, I was looking for cycling clothing that perfectly addressed muscle protection, comfort and aesthetics. She believed that solving these problems could make more women fall in love with the sport of cycling. However, most women's cycling clothing on the market was just a scaled-down version of men's clothing with a different print, until she found Jelenew, a women's sports brand genuinely committed to addressing these issues. She decided to join Jelenew and start her new company: creating cycling clothing that truly meets the needs of women and promotes the development of women's cycling.

Just as he overcame the obstacles of his illness and continually broke his records, creating high-performance, aesthetically pleasing cycling apparel became his new challenge. Jelenew used high fashion draping techniques to solve problems of female riders, such as chest pressure, weak waist and abdominal muscle support, and insufficient fit and flexibility in the shoulder and armpit area. After joining Jelenew, Clignet co-founded "Sprinters Jersey Lab" with the Jelenew design team, a lab that could lead a revolution in sportswear, and the Sprinters Jersey has special meaning for Clignet as it was the jersey that won in the longest women's stage race in Idaho.

In the laboratory, Clignet turned problems from the past into topics of research. She works with the Jelenew design team to source solutions from high fashion techniques, addressing fit issues with CurveTec™ technology, reducing friction, providing muscle protection and assisting in power generation. The Sprinters Jersey Lab created an internal climate control system with fabric technology adapted to different areas of the body. The Sprinters Jersey Lab also developed cutting-edge seamless fit technology, frictionless sewing technology and scientific sewing positions to prevent wear and damage to sensitive areas. After each development, Clignet personally participated in testing and improvements with professional cyclists to ensure the product met both athletic performance and women's needs.

When she wore Jelenew cycling clothing at the "Le Marion Clignet" epilepsy charity cycle race, she was praised for the design of her cycling clothing for the first time, which reinforced her belief that fashion is an indispensable part of women's sport. . Following the haute couture approach, Clignet and her design team continually sought out notable collaborators in the industry, applying the best garment construction techniques to enhance the performance of sportswear while incorporating a touch of fashion.

Combining performance with aesthetics to improve women's sports performance and make sports more enjoyable. This is the promise made by Clignet through Jelenew's "Sprinters Jersey Lab". This project is her new journey to fulfill her mission of empowering female cyclists around the world.

About Jelenew

Founded in 2021, inspired by cycling, Jelenew offers sportswear that seamlessly combines performance and aesthetics for women and extends to a lifestyle collection based on speed and power sports to meet more diversified needs. Jelenew, along with women's cycling world champion Marion Clignet as a technical guide, founded "Sprinters Jersey Lab" based on Jelenew's patented technology, CurveTec™, and 30 years of cycling experience to lead industry innovation.

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