STATEMENT: Recovering money from a timeshare is not always possible

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Recovering money from a timeshare is not always possible

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 16, 2022

Asesores y Consultores Asociados warns that it is only possible to recover amounts from a timeshare if there was a loan linked to the purchase

As a specialist timeshare firm, Asesores y Consultores Asociados SL warns that it is only possible to recover part of the money invested in a week of timeshare if there was a financial institution that granted a loan linked to the sale. "The trading companies are all missing, they are insolvent and they are in absentia in the proceedings," says the firm's head lawyer, Álvaro Caballero García. "No matter how many sentences there are in favor, if the person who has to pay is insolvent, it will not be possible to collect," he says. For this reason, effective recovery is only possible when, in addition to the company that sold, you can sue the bank for its mediation in the sale. "It was usual when signing the purchase and sale contract of a week of timeshare, consumers will find themselves with a preconceived loan in a bank", he assures. And it is that the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court is clear in this regard: if the sales contract is considered null and void, this entails the nullity of all contracts linked to it, especially financing contracts. For this reason, the bank has hundreds of thousands of euros in sentences. And the banks do pay. The CEO of the firm, Francisco Claros, assures that there are many clients who come to Asesores y Consultores Asociados with a claim for annulment of loss and even with a sentence of costs of more than 3,000 euros for having sued a bank that granted a loan before 99. "It cannot be done, it is reckless," he says. Demands are unfeasible before 99 Caballero warns that claims for nullity of contracts prior to 99 are unfeasible. And based on the fact that to cancel the loan it is necessary to cancel the sale, "it is completely impossible to recover any money in these circumstances". These types of weeks are the so-called timeshare prior to 1998 and the office has other formulas for the affected consumer, generally tired of paying the maintenance fee without using the week, is completely disconnected from the timeshare. In short, and according to the timeshare specialist office, only one affected by the timeshare can be guaranteed that they will recover money from the sale if two circumstances are met: having bought after 99, that the contract is null and that a financial entity can be sued to give a loan for the purchase. The office specialized in nullity of contracts has made available to those affected by timeshare a free telephone number available to consumers at 900525939 for inquiries.

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