STATEMENT:More than 600 million e-commerce turnover, under threat of a critical cyberattack on Black Friday

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT:More than 600 million e-commerce turnover, under threat of a critical cyberattack on Black Friday

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The proportion of the Spanish business fabric threatened in the 2023 Black Friday campaign of the e-commerce market is estimated to reach 60%

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the great ally of e-commerce, since it will be able to detect any anomaly in real time and mitigate damage, according to CloserStill Media, organizer of E-SHOW, the largest e-commerce fair in Spain.

E-commerce represented 25% of total Black Friday sales in Spain in 2022 and is expected to increase to 30% this year. It is estimated that the total invoiced volume of traditional and online commerce in last year's campaign was 2.7 billion euros

Black Friday has contributed to increasing online sales by 20% annually

Barcelona, ​​November 22, 2023.- More than 600 million euros of turnover from e-commerce companies are under threat of a critical cyberattack during Black Friday, representing 60% of companies in the sector, which is celebrated next Friday November 24, although many businesses have extended discounts to the entire week, according to CloserStill Media, organizer of E-SHOW, the largest e-commerce fair in Spain.

The president of CloserStill Media Spain, Agustín Torres, has explained that Black Friday "will be in the crosshairs of hackers", who take advantage of dates like this to "inflict critical data on companies, make bribes with data and request big rescues." These days, according to Torres, attackers will take advantage of "security gaps in data processing and websites, through DDoS attacks that take down pages."

In fact, according to the 'X-ray of the State of Cybersecurity' carried out by Cyber ​​Security World, a fair organized by CloserStill Media, and Red Seguridad, in collaboration with the Borredá Foundation, the number of cyberattacks has increased by up to 50% this year compared to last year. above and the attacks are increasingly damaging for 80% of companies, seriously affecting the privacy of customer data, the logistics chain, critical infrastructures and the general functioning of companies and e-commerce themselves.

CloserStill Media has also confirmed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be "the great ally" of online sales not only these days but throughout the next year.

In this sense, the president of CloserStill has pointed out that, thanks to AI, "any anomaly can be detected in real time and alerted to be able to face the problem and mitigate damage, as in the case of locating vulnerabilities, fraudulent transactions or unknown incursions". Likewise, AI will be able to detect "problems and elements of improvement in the e-commerce customer journey, provide suggestions in relation to the customer experience based on patterns and offer promotions and offers segmented according to the public and audience" . "AI will be able to optimize spending, audiences and marketing and advertising campaigns in the digital environment, detecting models, audiences and niches with greater value," he added.

Increases the impact of e-commerce on Black Friday

The impact of e-commerce is increasing on Black Friday, according to CloserStill Media. During the past year, it represented 25% of total sales in Spain and it is expected that in 2023 it will reach up to 30%. Agustín Torres has attributed this growth to several factors, among which he has cited its "growing penetration in society, the greater confidence of consumers in online shopping and the convenience of being able to buy from anywhere."

In order to improve the service offered to customers and increase their confidence, Torres has opted for companies to have "platforms, solid and secure architectures, and supply chains suitable for unexpected peaks in sales volume."

The president of CloserStill has highlighted that Black Friday has allowed companies to "increase online sales by 20% annually, reach a broader audience and diversify their income, leaving behind companies that do not make a solid commitment to the digital channel". However, he has insisted on the need to "further strengthen" promotional campaigns so that Black Friday "becomes as key and mature a period as in the United States."

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