Oblak calm the headache of the Athletic

Oblak calm the headache of the Athletic

The goalkeeper saves suffered victory of Atletico against Rayo with two tremendous stops in final moments of match

Griezmann mark for only goal after a corner kick

Jan Oblak just like to call attention in locker room. He simply gets dressed, adjusted gloves, and remains expectant, until someone, with bad intentions, it is about your goal. Have been doing so almost from first day that he arrived at Atletico. And Simeone, of course, looks at sky every time that you see him fly like a bird, despite its size. The technical argentine and all stands of Wanda Metropolitan turned to look at sky when y saw him catch dagger of rayista Moreno. A blow that would have been lethal to any, but not for Oblak. Were it not for him, opportunism of Griezmann would not have helped much because first derbi madrileño would have had a different ending. [Narration and statistics].

Míchel, coach of Beam, had time to give it a few touch-ups to your computer. And most of m were successful because vallecanos have set foot on Metropolitan as if it was ir stadium. As if y had not spent a couple of years digging around in Second. As if slap of Sevilla, in a hard premiere in house, had been little more than a caress. The Lightning started without a complex one compared to an athlete that didn't know if he is still in Tallinn or even was looking for second in Mestalla. The doubts defensive of local burst is a nightmare for harrow local. The small Embarba, with a good handful of revolutions more than rest, determined to sour premiere of a night with a dash of fiesta to boys of Simeone. What we have written, Embarba re all crazy in boot. To Godin threw a hat, Saul almost robbed of a penalty and Oblak did not put colorado because his finishing is not leaned out to squad for a span.

Lemar was first to decide to shoot door because for more than half an hour, no one cared to know who was goalkeeper of Lightning. It was called Alberto Garcia and was able to move away from goal rogue finishing move of restless French player. Until n, biggest poison atletico had put fringe of Diego Costa, which could only graze without malice, a powerful dispatch from left side. There was not Filipe Luis but yes, again, Lucas Hernandez.

he Lived Metropolitan your first intrigue with VAR. It was brief, barely a few seconds in Gonzalez Gonzalez will laid a hand on pinganillo after a possible hand of Trejo, when all begged for a respite in locker room. But Simeone what he really bristled hair was to contemplate how a chicarrón 1.90 ran rampant in search of footballer's fastest championship. The chicarrón was Feature, in an understated debut at home, he had no hesitation in sprinting for 40 metres to take tie to Advíncula and recover ball which he had himself given to us in an absurd play to stopped ball.

By way, before all this, Juanfran were injured and Thomas, as if market had not existed, he had to again defend right side. And it will be up until colombian Arias comes to deciphering what Simeone wants from him. And for that, each one has ir own times.

The claw of Griezmann

Atletico had weapon encasquillada and not even double-talk from Simeone (one at necessary stop to hydrate and or in rest) managed to pull of his self-absorption. And it was not for lack of ammunition, and, much less, of boldness in approach. The lashes of Lightning, waiting always hidden error of opponent, y were always more sound, with cadiz Alvaro Garcia, just landed on market, incordiando to Oblak in distance.

But when one has a box of matches and a good handful of gunpowder in pocket, it is logical that a pledge at any time. And at time, pocket of Athletic set. And he did so by resorting to old tricks that seemed to be forgotten. From corner kick, favorite spot of early years of Simeone, peered out left-handed Lemar to put it on head to Savic, which connected with left-handed Griezmann.

The flash seemed definitive, but far from burying Lightning, made him enter into combustion. Atletico thought that betting on speed would avoid unnecessary suffering, but ended up with heart to a thousand per hour. Crossing my fingers for win. Had it not been for Oblak, who lives in a state of inspiration perpetual, would have written a different ending.

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