Brazil, open border to the exodus of venezuelan

Brazil, open border to the exodus of venezuelan

Between 2017 and 2018 came to Brazil something more than 127,000 migrants, but at 69,000 were already gone in search of or destinations

More than a thousand venezuelans leave Brazil after violent incidents while Ecuador and Peru limits entry

Compared with its neighbors, Brazil had, until now, a more secondary role in exodus that affects whole of South america. The language barrier and low population density of border region made largest country in continent was not a priority destination. Between 2017 and 2018 came to Brazil something more than 127,000 immigrants, but at 69,000 were already gone in search of or destinations. That balance could change as or countries begin to put up obstacles to entry. Brazil, for moment, will continue with border fully open.

The minister of Public Security, Raul Jungmann, visited Pacaraima on Thursday, and noted that Brazil, a country of immigrants, can not give back to a "humanitarian tragedy without precedent". "The whole world looks at us. Unlike or countries, that y close doors completely, or placed fences with wires, we are giving you an example. We have a conflict, it is difficult, yes, but this country is much greater than this difficulty, which is temporary," he said. In next few days, Brazil will send to border of new equipment to expedite registration of immigrants, and soon will open on tenth lodge of Roraima, which will bring total capacity up to 5,000 seats. In meantime, work on strengning program of internalization: Government makes available to aircraft of Army to move to venezuelans to or cities of country voluntarily, but y must make sure that re are places in hostels, and it is not easy. is Just 700 venezuelans have managed to get out of Roraima by this route.

will of The central Government contrasts with pressure of governor of this state, Suely Fields, that insistently requests that it block passage of immigrants, and criticizes central Government for leaving this region to its fate. In October re are elections and immigrants have become currency of election dispute. Roraima is one of region's poorest and most isolated of Brazil and is bearing practically only a single migratory pressure huge. The hospitals are collapsed, and public services overwhelmed.

local authorities criticize Government devotes more efforts to get venezuelan people to take care of people of Roraima, and attributed to immigrants increased crime rates, a rhetoric that fuels tension in streets. To appease governor, minister said that Armed Forces are at its disposal to ensure peace in streets. "Could you get to border in 36 hours or 48 hours. It is enough that a telephone call to president Michel Fear and ask," he quipped.

Updated Date: 26 August 2018, 12:03



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