Merkel strongly condemns the increasing climate of xenophobic violence in Germany

The death of Daniel H. in a scuffle allegedly with foreigners has ignited a flame that threatens

Merkel strongly condemns the increasing climate of xenophobic violence in Germany

The death of Daniel H. in a scuffle allegedly with foreigners has ignited a flame that threatens to spread in a dense climate of xenophobia. Germany is in a state of shock since Sunday, groups of neo-nazis took to streets of Chemnitz, in east of country, and call to hunt from abroad to cry of “we are people”. At epicenter of outbreak, some neighbours come to pay homage to deceased before a makeshift altar of candles and red flowers placed on pavement. “People are very angry, this is not finished here,” predicts Simone, 55, who has participated in protests against aliens.

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has strongly condemned on Monday acts of violence that have been put on guard to Germany. “We have seen persecutions of xenophobic collective hatred in street and that has nothing to do with rule of law,” he said. The riots and rallies ultras have been repeated since weekend and have left a dozen wounded.

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In Brueckenstrasse, in center of city and scene of violence past several days, prevailed at last hour of this Tuesday calm, but tension was very palpable. A group of men dressed in black and with face of few friends increpaban to a journalist who was trying to make a connection for television. To few people that roam place will just look to know what side y're on.

A retired physician who has come to pay tribute to deceased ensures, however, that many of people who came out to protest in recent days are ordinary people who are simply fed up with crime. “There are always extremists on both sides”, says in allusion to manifestation of anti-fascist convened on Monday.

“we don't want foreigners to disturb our women. We want peace and for that, Merkel needs to go away because it has brought all se refugees,” asked Simone, who don't want to publish his name and who he says informed through Facebook of alleged crimes committed by foreigners. “Something has awakened”, it ends. The arrival from 2015, more than 1.2 million refugees has triggered xenophobia and ultranacionalismo on part of those who say y feel invaded.

A syrian national, and one iraqi were detained on Monday in connection with stabbing of Daniel H. police also reported this Tuesday that investigates ten people that you could see during marches of Chemnitz with arm held high, doing greeting hitler. On a large banner displayed in one of marches could be read: “Foreigners out.”

A group of people ride tribute this Tuesday to Daniel H., who died in a brawl, in city of Chemnitz. Jan Woitas AP

The police of Saxony, accused of having underestimated danger of concentrations, reported that protagonists of xenophobic riots belong to radical right and environment of hooligans of football. Reported in addition of about 600 agents participated in operation on Monday to tackle one of calls extremists.

If on ground, call to hunt immigrant and acceptance in certain circles of a xenophobic discourse until recently unthinkable is creepy, sea in background politically is no less alarming. The party to be extremist and anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (Afd), has become first opposing force of country, with almost 13% of votes in Parliament.

The East of Germany is bastion of extreme right in germany. In Saxony, Afd achieved a 27% of vote last September. Their leaders animating complex without embers of xenophobic within and outside walls of Bundestag. “If State is unable to protect its citizens, people come out to streets to protect mselves, it is as simple as that. Today it is an obligation to citizens to stop deadly migration of knives”, tweeted Markus Frohmaier, member of parliament for Afd. The calls more or less veiled to apply justice citizens have been sounding all alarms among rest of German political class.

The social networks, such as one that uses Frohmaier have been key instrument to convene protests of neo-nazi and place that have circulated hoaxes and have been incited to violence. The authorities of Saxony have asked public not to listen to false stories that circulate on Network to incite violence against foreigners. “It's disgusting how right-wing capitalized web to call violence”, said Michael Kretschmer, head of Government in Saxony CDU.

minister of The Interior, Construction and Homeland, Horst Seehofer made Tuesday an end to its resounding silence and offered to send more effective if State of Saxony's request. “The police of Saxony is in a difficult situation. The federal Government is willing to provide police support if requested,” he said.

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