German lesson for Elon Musk: In Brandenburg Germany, make a fool of himself in front of the world

The most dangerous opponent for Tesla founder Elon Musk are not BMW, Mercedes or Audi, but the German environmentalists. You brought – with the help of clever l

German lesson for Elon Musk: In Brandenburg Germany, make a fool of himself in front of the world

The most dangerous opponent for Tesla founder Elon Musk are not BMW, Mercedes or Audi, but the German environmentalists. You brought – with the help of clever lawyers and willing courts – the construction site for the new Tesla Gigafactory in the state of Brandenburg to a Standstill.

Where Elon has to offer Musk of Diesel affair, and the transformation of suffering-ridden car industry Spectacular:

  • Up to 2021 in grünheide, near Berlin, Tesla's first Gigafactory in Europe.
  • Up to 12,000 jobs could be of the electro-farmer in Brandenburg no man's land create.
  • In the final state to run 500,000 cars per year, about a third more than Tesla in 2019, the world has stopped.

Steingart/Media Pioneer of The Tesla-Boom: Global car sales per year

started Last week, hope with the construction work, 29 clearing machines were deployed to clear the first round 90 hectares of a total of about 300 hectares of forest area. Equipped with a special permit from the competent authority, the deforestation allowed against strict reforestation requirements, even without an official building permit for the start of the "construction ready", was Musk on the safe side.

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German lesson of a special kind for Elon Musk

But environmentalists gave him a German lesson of a special kind:

  • After two days, the engines are at a standstill now. On Saturday, the upper administrative court of Berlin-Brandenburg decided to work with the provisional stop of the grubbing-up.
  • The higher administrative court justified its decision with the high Tempo that had been submitted on the site. The judge had observed, "that the already far-advanced grubbing-up would work within a further three days to be completed."

The generous compensation package of the Tesla-leadership, was carelessly swept to the side:

  • Tesla wants to plant the trees that are cleared elsewhere – and in three times the number.
  • in Front of the building, the company intends to distribute 400 nesting boxes for birds.
  • formic ester and reptiles such as lizards should be relocated, and fences erected.

Tesla factory in Brandenburg, Germany: activists of the clearing of the forest PCP Tesla stop-factory in Brandenburg: activists stop the clearing of the forest

The German economy is disgraced because

The decision on the construction freeze continues, Tesla is now under massive pressure. The company has to pay the securities and exchange Commission of the USA on the risks to the business and the stock exchange informs. Starting in March – this is in addition exacerbated – are the clearing work for reasons of nature and species protection is no longer allowed in the rule, because then the hatching begins.

The German economy that is looking for the connection to the era of electric mobility, as is disgraced. International investors shake of the head.

Steingart/Media Pioneer Tesla's production sites around the world

About the consequences of the Brandenburg antics, I am speaking at the Morning Briefing Podcast with Daniel Schäfer, the international financial journalist and Germany-chief of Bloomberg News. He says: "international investors are looking very closely at Germany. This is a test case for the site."

conclusion: The in fashion come Industry hostility threatens prosperity and jobs. Well possible that it will be called in the history book: Germany ergrünte and rose.

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Update: the Brandenburg government expects speedy decision-Tesla-grubbing

The Brandenburg land government expects that the judicial decision on the question of the deforestation on the site of the U.S. electric car maker Tesla this week. He hoped that "this decision between now and the next Friday comes," said Minister of Economics, Jörg Steinbach (SPD) on Wednesday in the regional economic Committee in Potsdam. The government is not to question but to the court. "We avoid any impression of exerting any Form of pressure."

The higher administrative court of Berlin-Brandenburg had stopped the tree felling on the site in grünheide, near Berlin, according to a complaint, the Green League on a provisional basis. The environmental Association holds the permit for early commencement of clearing to be unlawful, because the final approval is still outstanding. So far, it was planned to clear the forest until the end of February. Tesla wants to manufacture in green Heath, from next year, around 500,000 electric vehicles a year.

The independent opinion on the purchase price for the site of about 300 acres, according to Steinbach finished. "This is the moment in the examination of three departments," he said. The country had set for the sale to Tesla of around 41 million euros. If the value is different in the expert opinion of to be changed the price yet.

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Date Of Update: 21 February 2020, 09:00