The happiness myth: Why you need to for his Job, do not burn

There are these stories: From a neurologist who has thrown 50 years of his Job, to work as a diving instructor. Of a lawyer who had always wanted to do historic

The happiness myth: Why you need to for his Job, do not burn

There are these stories: From a neurologist who has thrown 50 years of his Job, to work as a diving instructor. Of a lawyer who had always wanted to do historical tours of the city, and his Job has given up. These people are now said to be happier because you followed your destiny.

But it must make a Job actually happy? And he can do it at all? A study by the Manpower Group to the topic, stating that about 55 percent of Germans are with their workplace satisfied. Conversely, one can say, however, that Almost half of the people in Germany (45 percent) is in your Job currently, not happy. (Read also: how to be popular with her peers)

Many people have high expectations of your Job

This is partly to do with the own expectations. Many people place high demands on their work: they should be not only well paid, but also fun and useful. But the reality is often different. The at least Jobs are perfect: Not every day there is a barrage of meaning and appreciation. People can be tiring – and this includes bosses and colleagues to count.

there Is the perfect work at all that makes people happy? "It depends", is the result of the study on "the luck factor work" of Professor Dr. Michael Neumann and Dr. Jörg Schmidt from the Roman-Herzog-Institut in Potsdam, Germany from the year 2013. PDF how to apply correctly! Our PDF guide shows you how you can present yourself optimally and in your application can score points.To the PDF guide

work makes you happy, even if everything else is OK

in General, the study finds that work is almost always happier than not working. In the case of unemployment, the sense of self-worth often suffers. The study also notes that people are especially happy to have a Job, if you can realize your own ideas and a high qualification is required. This is true but only if you are overall healthy and an intact family life. And this is the really interesting point.

If the Rest of your life is in a mess, is the best Job in nothing – life must be in balance. Only then people feel really comfortable. Only then can a Job be happy.

A healthy distance from the Job makes life more relaxed

Basically, it doesn't hurt to develop a healthy distance to his Job. This includes, especially, the own talk down expectations. Who wants to be powdered every day with appreciation, you will be in most Jobs very quickly unhappy.

Anyway, it is useful, down-to-earth work approach: to make His fortune solely by the Job-dependent, is about as realistic as the idea that the dream woman could be free for the Rest of your life from all Worries – so even. A relationship works only good if life is reasonably balanced – so there is in addition to the relationship, friends, Job, and sports or other interests. It looks similar in the Job. (Also read: Eight tips: you arrive on time in the evening) PDF career and a Top salary earning In PDF guide , find all about career management, self-marketing and how you can increase your chances of success in a targeted manner.To the PDF guide

It is dangerous to depend happiness on external factors

When the work is the only happiness source in your life, makes you look extremely on external factors. This is dangerous, because the whole of life satisfaction on the job – and when the is not running again, threatens everything to falter.

it is therefore Important to be lucky on multiple columns. Basically, work fulfils a purpose: it brings in money. With this money you can set up his life so that it makes as happy.

A sober has approach to the work

anyone Who seen his work in a sober, relaxed, good chances to be re-satisfied. Then you can look back without high expectations on the Job and the job inside a relaxed approach. But of course there is Jobs that make really unhappy, for example by bullying, or a permanently high work load. In this case, only the conversation with the supervisor or in the longer term, perhaps a job change will help.

frees the work from the high expectations, it may be a actual happiness in everyday life: In family life, in the get-together with friends, Sport, a Hobby, or a volunteer. At the same time, you can look forward to good days at work much earlier, if the Job is not overburdened by expectations.

This article has been authored by (Maria Berentzen) animal welfare organization warns that dogs from the puddle, drink, FOCUS Online/Wochit animal protection organization, warns us not to let dogs from puddle to drink

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Date Of Update: 04 January 2020, 01:01

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