These new tax laws apply in the coming year

For families Higher child allowance: The children's allowance increases from 1. January 2020 is a 96-Euro 2586 Euro per child and per parent. It engages but

These new tax laws apply in the coming year
For families

Higher child allowance: The children's allowance increases from 1. January 2020 is a 96-Euro 2586 Euro per child and per parent. It engages but only if the tax savings is higher than the Child benefit. This is usually paid Better (couple) from taxable income of over € 80,000 in the year of the case. The allowance for care and education - or training required, part of which remains unchanged at 1320 Euro per child and parents. In sum a parent receives couple with a child in the year 2020, a children's free allowance in the amount of 7812 Euro.

kids money: The children's money 2020 unchanged. For the first and second child the family Fund pays each of 204 euros per child and per month, for the third is 210 euros, and from the fourth, each 235 Euro. The next increase is planned for the 2021 – per child per month, there is 15 Euro more.

maintenance: Will be granted to parents do not make children more money, you can afford to the needy young living. 2020 payments up to the amount of 9408 Euro (plus health and nursing care insurance contributions) as extraordinary expenses deductible. the Important: A reasonable own contribution will not be deducted.

For property owners

Energy-efficient refurbishment: Who inhabited his property, should 1. January 2020 for energy refurbishment measures of lucrative tax rebates will receive. The Federal government wants to Work according to the "climate protection program 2030" the thermal insulation of walls, roof surfaces as well as ceilings to encourage. The grant is to give it also, if homeowners Windows, doors, ventilation or heating systems, renew or replace 20 percent of a maximum of € 200,000 is the renovation expenses of the Treasury to grant as a deduction – not more than a total of 40,000 Euro, spread over three years. The last word of the conciliation Committee, but still!

property tax: From 2020 onwards, there will be new property assessments . This can be for property owners to be more expensive, but also cheaper, depending on the location of the object. The new law will be published by the end of 2019 in the Federal tax Gazette. Effective it is, but in 2025, there is still some preparation work is necessary. Until then, the previously applicable calculation formulas remain the property tax applicable. So much money you get at the age click Here for pensions calculator

For retirement

age, discharge amount: pensioners with additional income (such as wages or rent), the the 64. Years of age have completed, will automatically receive a tax age relief amount. This is in the year 2020, 16 percent of positive income, to a maximum of 760 Euro.

health insurance: by Law, sick pensioners insured with the pensions and Capital payments from a company pension plans (e.g. direct insurance) can be obtained from 2020, a contribution relief in the payment of their health insurance premiums. 1. January 2020, there is a dynamic monthly allowance in the amount of 159,25 Euro. A small consolation: Since 2004, you will need to shell out for these pensions, the full health insurance contribution rate plus Fund-specific additional contribution and the full rate for nursing care insurance. In addition, these contributions will be deducted on lump-sum benefits from direct insurance and pension funds in the full amount. The new rules should mitigate the imbalance in the double verb eitragung. Because: For statutory pension pensioners only have to pay half of the contribution rate!

High tax percentage: Who is retired in 2020, for the first time, you must pay taxes. The taxable portion of the pension benefit increases each year until 2040. New pensioners in 2020 have to pay tax on 80 percent of the legal and Rürup pensions. The resulting tax-free amount (20 per cent) in euros and cents remains the new retired people's life as a free amount get. Subsequent pension, the tax increases are fully taxable.

pensioners have to pay taxes

by 2040, percentage of the legal such as the Rürup pension contributions tax deductible, as pension payments, tax obligation. However, there are maximum amounts: Federal Ministry of Finance 1)as of 2020 based on the value of 2019 PDF Everything you can about your pension

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For investors

crowd lending: Who will receive as an Investor using the services of an Internet services platform, and lending to borrowers, as consideration for providing the loan amount a pre-determined rate of interest. These capital gains were not subject to the tax withholding procedure, but were only taxed in the case of indication in the income tax return. In the future, the compensation will be deducted tax on interest from debt-claims of automatically acquired via a web-based service platform (e.g., crowd lending). This applies to capital gains that accrue after the 31.12.2019/20.

Cash level: buyers of precious metals such as Gold, silver, or platinum could not conduct business so far, anonymous, if you invested more than € 10,000. This threshold decreases from 2020 to 2000 Euro. In the case of cash transactions with other high-value goods such as precious stones, jewellery, clocks and watches, objects of art and Antiques etc. is still, however, at the threshold of 10,000 Euro.

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