What are the markets moves today

1. Dax plunges premarket under the mark of 10,000 points The sell-off in the German stock market is likely to continue on Thursday under high pressure. The Dax

What are the markets moves today
1. Dax plunges premarket under the mark of 10,000 points

The sell-off in the German stock market is likely to continue on Thursday under high pressure. The Dax is expected to under 10,000 points. The already frayed nerves of the investors are again blank, since the world health organization, the disease rapidly worldwide spreading Virus as a pandemic scales and the USA have imposed an entry stop for Europeans. DAX 9.826,30 Pkt. -612,38 (-5,87%) Xetra

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three quarters of An hour before the stock market launch of the X-Dax vorbörslicher indicator for the German leading index, a loss of 6 percent to 9.810 points. Thus, the Dax would sink in again for the first time since 2016, under the psychological mark of 10,000 meters. Since mid-February, the fear of the economic and, increasingly, the overall social impact of the novel Coronavirus in the financial markets, bypasses, add up its losses, currently almost 25 percent. The not four weeks past the record high at just under 13.800 points is now miles away.

Strong losses of 6 percent are expected to be on Thursday for the Euro STOXX 50. In Asia, it was already significantly down. In the U.S., Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial also has a very weak start of trading on Wall Street after the Dow had already dropped the previous day by almost 6 percent.

"We will suspend all travel from Europe to the United States for the next 30 days," said US President Donald Trump on Wednesday evening (local time) in an address to the Nation. Be exempt travellers from the UK. Coming out of Europe, Americans would have to undergo corresponding Tests. The measure, according to the White house from 23: 59 on Friday (4.59 PM GMT on a Saturday).

"The travel restrictions are a massive intervention and show how alarmed the White house," said portfolio Manager Thomas Altmann from QC partner. The stimulus package, it looks at the same time, so, when investors Trump would believe that when he puts facts on the table. "Today, Christine Lagarde is on the train. The task of the ECB President is not easy. To surprise the traders and positive is likely to be extremely difficult."

2. RWE doubled adjusted profit, thanks to the energy trading and gas business share in pre-market negative

The energy company RWE has in the past fiscal year, primarily from energy trading, and its gas business benefits. Adjusted earnings improved compared to the previous year, from 591 million to 1.2 billion euros, as the Dax group announced on Thursday in Essen. The adjusted operating result (Ebitda) also showed an increase, and rose within a year from 1.5 to 2.1 billion euros. Pre-market RWE shares were listed on the trading platform Tradegate 4.5 per cent lower at € 26.25.

The Figures of RWE sets for the last time as a "Stand Alone"Numbers. The segments brown coal and nuclear energy, the European power generation and energy trading are included. The subsidiary Innogy, which is broken, is no longer operational, included. Only the dividend is added to that. As of the current year, the Numbers will be issued for the new group, including renewable energy.

The group proposes that, by 2019, a dividend of 80 cents, that would be 10 cents more than in the previous year. For the current financial year, the Management wants to pay shareholders 5 cents more.

3. Lufthansa share price breaks down after the US entry-stop for Europeans premarket a

is The entry-stop for Europeans in the USA has set up on Thursday, the shares of Lufthansa's pre-market strong under pressure. They fell on the trading platform tradegate compared to the Xetra closing on Wednesday by seven percent to 9,55 Euro. Lufthansa 9,07 EUR -1,12 (-11,03%) Xetra

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Since mid-February, the fear of the economic and, increasingly, the overall social impact of the novel Coronavirus in the financial markets, has lost the share to one third in value. In the Dax, it has taken in the same period, only the papers of the Deutsche Bank even more with a discount of almost 40 percent.

4. Fraport suffers due to Coronavirus significant passenger loss at Frankfurt airport - stock still in free fall,

the fear of The novel Coronavirus by strikes at Frankfurt airport is becoming stronger. In February, the airport operator Fraport was one with 4.4 million passengers, about four percent of passengers fewer passengers than a year earlier. In the last week of February to 1. March is the fall-off of 14.5 percent, the company said on Thursday in Frankfurt. "This negative momentum has strengthened in the first week of March even."

in The financial market, the news came first, bad. In the premarket trading on the platform Tradegate it down and went for the MDax-listed Fraport share on the Morning of more than five percent. Since the turn of the year, the paper had already lost more than 40 percent. Fraport 40,06 EUR -3,94 (-8,95%) Xetra price data

Airlines such as Lufthansa had already stopped at the end of January all flights to China. Since then, she struck out her flight offering Connections to Asia and now also to Italy and to other European destinations have been greatly thinned. The Lufthansa group evaporated in the air traffic by up to 50 percent. Of its subsidiaries such as Swiss, Austrian Airlines, Brussels and Eurowings are not affected.

In February, was one of Fraport on the intra-German routes already 10.8 percent fewer passengers than in the same month last year. The Intercontinental traffic decreased by 2.3 percent. Growth on routes to North America and North Africa could not compensate for the reduced flight offer in the direction of China and Asia. At the beginning of February had also made sure that hurricane "Sabine" for flight cancellations.

- Even more than the passengers, the business of air dropped cargo. With well 146 100 tons of the Cargo volume in February was eight percent lower than a year earlier. The additional day in the leap year, the Virus was not able to compensate for the impact by Far, it said.

5. Asian stock markets with significant losses after U.S. entry, stop, and the Indian entry lock

According to the US immigration stop for most Europeans also broke the Asian stock exchanges on Thursday. In addition, India imposed a ban on entry for all tourists. The Indian benchmark index, Sensex lost more than 6 percent. BSE Sensex 35.697,40 PTS. +62,45 (+0,18%), except over-the-counter To get the price data

not Particularly bad, it is the Thai stock exchange in Bangkok with a drop of almost 9 percent. In Thailand, the economy is so important, tourism is collapsing. The number of Coronavirus infections in the Southeast Asian country, still under 100, increases.

In Tokyo, the Nikkei-225 Index closed up 4.41 per cent lower on 18.559,63 points. In China, the CSI with the 300 of the most important shares in the Chinese mainland stock exchanges to 1.92 per cent to 3,950,91 points down. The Hang Seng stock exchange in Hong Kong fell by around three and a half percent on 24.368 points.

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