ANNOUNCEMENT: Goblue distributes the Angell smart electric bicycle

(Information sent by the signing company).

ANNOUNCEMENT: Goblue distributes the Angell smart electric bicycle

(Information sent by the signing company)

Created by the French designer Ora-ïto, it has an average range of 50 km, a GPS navigator and security features that are unique in its class.

The Spanish sustainable mobility brand Goblue distributes Angell, the innovative smart electric bicycle created by the French designer Ora-ïto, which is considered a benchmark in the mobility sector for functionality, design and performance. Apart from its innovative design, which was a finalist at the prestigious Dezeen Awards 2021, the Angell e-bike stands out for its lightness, autonomy and level of equipment, which make it a milestone in sustainable urban mobility. The navigation screen integrated into the handlebar and the accompanying mobile application they also transform Angell into a real "Smart Bike". It is also thief-proof thanks to its integrated security features and the "Angell Back" anti-theft insurance, which is included with the guarantee.Long autonomy, lightness and safety The Angell electric bicycle has an ultralight aluminum frame and a fork of carbon that gives it great resistance, combined with exceptional lightness (from 14.2 kg of weight without the battery). The battery, compact and removable so it can be recharged anywhere, provides pedal assistance with an average range of up to 50 km and three electric pedal assistance programs that adapt to each scenario. Road safety is guaranteed thanks to the hyperbolic lights and brake lights, front and rear turn signals, reflective tire stripes and fall alert sensor. To prevent theft, it has an automatic lock, an anti-theft alarm with sound and light, a geolocation system and a motion sensor that alerts if the bicycle is being moved. In addition, this e-bike has the "Angel Back" theft insurance, which guarantees the replacement of the bicycle in case of theft up to two years after purchase. The insurance is included with the warranty, you don't need to subscribe separately and it's activated automatically when you register in the Angell app. A really smart bike The intelligence of the Angell bike comes from the advanced technology built into its handlebars. It has a 2.4" touch screen that allows perfect legibility even in direct sunlight. It can be customized to the user's taste to show speed, battery charge level, distance traveled, calories consumed, etc. In addition, it includes a built-in GPS navigation system that guides the user to their destination and keeps them focused on driving thanks to navigation aid chimes. Angell's smart features are complemented by a mobile app, available for iOS and Android , which allows you to manage the settings of the bike. You can also create different profiles to share the bike with other users, the settings and preferences of each profile will be loaded directly when you approach the bike. This makes Angell ideal for families, rental of bicycles, mobility programs for companies, etc. Personalization and expert assistance Goblue distributes the two variants of this advanced bicycle to intelligent (Angell M Rapide and Angell S Rapide), as well as all the necessary accessories and complements. All bicycles are delivered fully adjusted according to the user's preferences and height, and the brand's workshop offers complete technical assistance for revisions and maintenance. The Angell electric bicycle is for sale in the online store https://gobluemobility. com/ from 2,740 euros, VAT and shipping costs included. It is also available at Goblue's physical store in the center of Valencia, where you can book a free trial of the e-bike. About Go Blue Created in 2021, Go Blue is a Spanish brand that sells electric bicycles and scooters , among other personal mobility products that take sustainability into account. They are committed to elegant, ecological and reliable designs that make a difference when moving around the city, always thinking about safety, comfort and the different needs of users.

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