COMMUNICATION: REDFUE and its associated foundations express their rejection of the Scholarship Holder Statute

(Information sent by the signing company).

COMMUNICATION: REDFUE and its associated foundations express their rejection of the Scholarship Holder Statute

(Information sent by the signing company)

REDFUE and its associated foundations reject the new regulation because they consider that it "assimilates an academic activity to a work one"

The Network of University-Company Foundations (REDFUE) and its associated foundations, in relation to the so-called Scholarship Statute, of which some of the keys to the draft of a document promoted by the Ministry of Labor and agreed with the unions were disclosed yesterday UGT and CCOO, today issued the following statement to the media: "The Scholarship Statute, thought from a labor perspective, is based on a misconception since it assimilates an academic activity to a labor one. The main objective of the academic internships is offer students training options that allow them to develop the transversal skills and competencies that they will require in their future work, and these training opportunities must be indisputably linked to the business, institutional or third sector fabric. In line with what the Conference of Rectors of the Spanish Universities (CRUE) has expressed regarding the Scholarship Holder Statute, that "they believe that pe will harm the training of students and will significantly reduce the offer of internships that they now have", the REDFUE confirms that this is so because: - The short duration of external academic internships, together with the elimination of extracurricular internships , makes them ineffective from the pedagogical point of view.- The increase in the management load will make it more difficult for universities to assume the amount of necessary internships.- The increase in costs and management efforts for the company are dissuasive measures on the way to its commitment to educational collaboration. University internships have been developed since 1981 and have established themselves as the best way to learn by doing and to develop the skills required by the labor market, and must be done in the real context of the company. It is time to encourage and support these experiences, help them to have more focus and make them better, and not put them in doubt with texts that are based on the suspicion of widespread malpractice and question the rigor of compliance with the model of training practices. Legislation should not be done without the consensus of the university community. REDFUE will support the search for tools to identify fraud without restricting activity or hindering collaboration between university and business. We support the review of the existing regulatory framework in the university environment that was defined, after a great consensus in the year 2014 (RD 592/2014 of July 11), that improves it and that helps the execution of the activity and protects all those affected". About REDFUE The Network of University-Company Foundations (REDFUE) is the association of University-Company Foundations in Spain that promotes cooperation between universities and companies on research, innovation and, fundamentally, internship management as an essential part of training.The REDFUE was created in 1997 and is institutionally linked through its members to more than 15,000 companies/organizations and 41 Spanish universities, and annually manages more than 25,000 internships.

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