RELEASE: Clínica Sanzmar, dental clinic in Madrid, world top dentistry

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Clínica Sanzmar, dental clinic in Madrid, world top dentistry

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, November 24, 2022.

Doctors Mariano Sanz and Ignacio Sanz-Sánchez, from the Sanzmar Dental Clinic, are among the most influential scientists in the world, according to the ranking of Stanford University

The new edition of the "Ranking of the World Scientists: World's Top 2% Scientists", which identifies the 2% of the most cited researchers in the world, has once again internationally recognized the scientific excellence of Spanish Dentistry, including 13 Spanish researchers on the list of the best scientists in the world. The classification identifies 1,573 researchers in the area of ​​Dentistry, which includes 13 Spaniards as the most relevant in the world. Dr. Mariano Sanz, from the Complutense University of Madrid and founder of the Sanzmar Dental Clinic, is once again in second position among these professionals (position 140 in the world ranking). The ranking establishes several parameters for the choice of experts, including citations received, the number of indexed publications or co-authorship, among others. With this, a database of top-level world scientists has been created, representing 2% of the most important researchers in the world. The most influential researchers in Dentistry The Ranking of the prestigious Californian university also identifies the researchers most influential in the world, taking into account their scientific impact. Dr. Mariano Sanz is once again in second position on this list and 37th worldwide. In addition, the list of influence also recognizes Dr. Ignacio Sanz-Sánchez, Medical Director of Clínica Sanzmar and Dentist specializing in Periodontics, Implants and Microscopic Endodontics. Thus, this dental clinic in Madrid has two of the most prestigious professionals in Spanish Dentistry. This, together with its cutting-edge technology and treatments, makes it a dental well-being space of excellence and an international benchmark.

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