RELEASE: People Excellence signs an agreement with Gallup to facilitate its training in strengths in Spain

Madrid, November 22.

RELEASE: People Excellence signs an agreement with Gallup to facilitate its training in strengths in Spain

Madrid, November 22

The Gallup CliftonStrengths® methodology allows each person to discover their strengths and maximize their potential. For this reason, it has revolutionized team management

People Excellence, an organizational transformation consultancy focused on People, has signed an agreement with Gallup by which it becomes a certifier in Spain for Gallup CliftonStrengths®, its strengths-based training, internationally recognized. The Gallup CliftonStrengths® methodology allows discovering each person their strengths and maximize their potential. "The most positive thing about strengths is that they are able to make you stand out in what you are already good at, and take it to a higher level," says Santiago de Miguel, a People Excellence partner and specialist in leadership and business transformation. "In other words, Instead of focusing on weaknesses and balancing them to improve, the philosophy of strengths allows you to hone what you naturally excel at to achieve true excellence," he adds. This is what Don Clifton, creator of the Gallup CliftonStrengths® method: strengths hold the greatest potential for bringing out the best in yourself. "In fact, in his search to change the paradigm of personal growth, he saw how this new approach achieved more effective results," explains Luis Goyanes, director of People Excellence. "For example -he adds- it has been shown that those who use their strengths are three times more likely to obtain an excellent quality of life." In the opinion of Santiago de Miguel, "strengths have revolutionized team management". CliftonStrengths® It is aimed at two types of profiles: coaching experts or people who want to enter or grow professionally in the world of personal and professional reinforcement and those responsible for talent development and training. 90% of Fortune 500 companies have been certified. This model has studied and classified the talents of the most successful people in the world, to conclude that there are 34 "themes" or talents that each person can have. The topics are classified into four domains based on which a person manages better in certain situations, making use of their talents or strengths: • Execution domain: Turning ideas into reality and being more effective in meeting the objectives.• Influence domain: Having the ability to better sell ideas outside organizations, and to create a good line of communication. • Relationship building domain: Help maintain team cohesion. • Strategic thinking domain: Mark the right path when making the best decisions. 15th Anniversary and 30% growth This agreement with Gallup coincides with the 15th Anniversary of People Excellence, a year that records growth in its superior turnover 30% compared to the previous year and exceeding the turnover of 2019 pre-pandemic. With an estimated turnover of 4.5 million for 2022, the firm has registered sustained growth since its incorporation in 2007. With more than 10,000 consulting and transformation projects Developed over the years for more than 500 clients, 23 of them from the IBEX 35, People Excellence currently has five partners: Santiago de Miguel, Francisco Ivorra, Marcos García Cuadra, Reyes Minaya and Gianluca Balocco. The history of this consultancy comes marked by important milestones, such as the opening of offices in Barcelona (2009), Colombia (2012) and the Canary Islands (2015), the start of operations in Abhu Dhabi and the incorporation of new partners and the Agile team.People Excellence is currently working on leadership, talent, Employee and Customer Experience, and agilism projects.

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