RELEASE: Voyager Space and Airbus Announce International Partnership for Future Starlab Space Station

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RELEASE: Voyager Space and Airbus Announce International Partnership for Future Starlab Space Station

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Ensure continued collaboration between the United States and Europe in space

DENVER, Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Voyager Space and Airbus Defense and Space have partnered to develop and operate Starlab, a free-flying space station serving the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and a worldwide clientele of space agencies and researchers. Starlab is scheduled to launch in 2028 to ensure human presence in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

Airbus Defense and Space will bring its expertise and technical support to the design of the Starlab space station, which will serve as an orbiting laboratory for astronauts to conduct research and advance scientific discoveries. Starlab is designed to provide 100% of the payload capacity of the International Space Station, with the capacity to perform hundreds of experiments and technical investigations a year.

"We are proud to partner with Airbus Defense and Space to bring Starlab to life. Our vision is to create the most accessible infrastructure in space to serve the scientific community," said Dylan Taylor, President and CEO of Voyager Space. "This partnership is unique in that it involves international partners in the Commercial Destination Free-Flyer programme. Working with Airbus we will expand the Starlab ecosystem to serve the European Space Agency (ESA) and their state space agencies. members to continue their microgravity investigations in LEO."

"This partnership with Voyager Space is the first step toward deploying the next generation of space stations at the service of international astronauts. We are delighted to support a project destined to change history," said Jean-Marc Nasr, Executive Vice President of Systems Space Airbus Defense and Space. "This collaboration is an important step in making Starlab a reality, laying the foundation for long-lasting European and US leadership in space. Our team is looking forward to diving into the technology and putting our best engineers to work."

Voyager and its operating company, Nanoracks, received a $160 million Space Act agreement from NASA in December 2021 to create Starlab, a continuously crewed free-flying space station that will replace the International Space Station. Starlab is designed to house the George Washington Carver Science Park, the first science park in space, where scientists and industry experts can share discoveries, collaborate, and use new technologies to advance scientific and commercial projects.

"Thank you to NASA and our US government partners for their strong support of our efforts to build a commercial destination in LEO that serves the US and international research community," added Dylan Taylor. "We want Starlab to be the platform of choice for customers around the world. Today's partnership with Airbus offers the prospect of continued significant US and European access to space."

Acerca from Voyager Space

Voyager Space is a space technology company dedicated to building a better future for humanity in space and on Earth. With nearly 20 years of spaceflight experience and more than 1,500 successful missions through fall 2022, Voyager provides space station infrastructure and services and technology solutions to commercial users, homeland security and civilian government agencies, academic and research institutions. , etc., with the aim of accelerating a sustainable space economy.

About Airbus

Airbus is a pioneer in the sustainable aerospace sector for a safe and united world. The company constantly innovates to provide efficient and technologically advanced solutions in the aerospace, defense and connected services sectors. In commercial aircraft, Airbus offers modern, fuel-efficient aircraft and associated services. Airbus is also a European leader in defense and security and one of the world's leading space businesses. In helicopters, Airbus offers the most efficient solutions and services for civil and military helicopters around the world.

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