STATEMENT: Buying and selling luxury watches: Now in Andorra with Superlative Watches

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STATEMENT: Buying and selling luxury watches: Now in Andorra with Superlative Watches

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Andorra, November 16, 2022.

Superlative Watches establishes itself more strongly every day in the country of the Pyrenees. Since 2019, with the mission of improving the lives of its resale customers, the pioneer company in the purchase and sale of luxury watches in Andorra has as its main objective to facilitate the purchase, sale and trade of new and used luxury watches

A watch collector knows perfectly the experience of buying an exclusive watch from official dealers. Luxury brands are not just luxury because they produce and sell watches with prestigious features, but also because they can and should provide a luxury experience. On the contrary, when it comes to selling their pieces, collectors do not perceive the sale of a luxury watch in the same way, because most conventional establishments do not offer an experience up to the task, as it is very complicated. find a place of trust with service at the level. Superlative Watches is not like any other "resale" company, as it specializes in buying and selling link watches. S.W is made up of a team that manages to sell and buy watches through a strategic network that guarantees the safety of its clients, in addition to offering additional value in each of its transactions, based on anonymity and security with the guarantee of the clock. Superlative Watches is reliable in terms of quality and assets. It has experts who provide a service based on excellence that helps save time, and protects reselling customers from unpleasant surprises by not also taking care of important details, such as the destination of the watch. More and more people start buying to sell, many turning these transactions into an extra, and even a livelihood, but very few achieve the latter due to inexperience in the business environment added to the little importance that give the destination of your piece. Superlative Watches, with years of experience in the sector and hundreds of end customers around the world, guarantees a destination for the watch so that it does not circulate in the insecure market of watch resale."The complexity of the watch market is overrated. Thanks to Using methods like those provided by Superlative Watches, making money selling luxury watches is becoming more and more of a reality every day. There are many ways to make money with watches, whether it's buying exclusive models to sell unworn or selling second-hand watches. The Community The number of Rolex lovers is active and the "eye of Rolex" is not exclusive to collectors and loyal fans of the brand. Fans and investors are also intrigued by this Swiss national treasure, and this is a result of the rise of the brand within the market The second-hand Rolex market has been the liveliest for a few months due to increased demand and the not-so-recent drop in supply. erlative Watches is the benchmark company in the Rolex buying and selling sector, and they are currently the best option for selling a Rolex watch in Andorra." Rolex is one of the best-known luxury brands in the world and attracts high-end collectors and resellers. profile along with smart investors. Rolex watches have accumulated significant value during these years within Superlative Watches, being the most demanded brand for buying and selling.

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