STATEMENT: CEAC presents its 2022 Barometer on employability in distance vocational training

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: CEAC presents its 2022 Barometer on employability in distance vocational training

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Barcelona, ​​November 18, 2022.

Recently, CEAC presented its 2022 Barometer on the employability of distance vocational training and how it impacts the possibility of accessing employment

The role of distance professional training today According to what CEAC maintains, the pandemic has made it clear that there is a problem in companies related to the lack of professionals adequately prepared to be able to occupy technical profiles. It is estimated that about 55% of these companies have problems finding people specialized in their activity. With the aim of offering a response to this problem and increasing people's job opportunities. In this sense, they explain in CEAC that the main purpose of vocational training is to bring students closer to the labor market, offering teaching adapted to the needs and demands of the current labor market. An interesting piece of information obtained from the study is that up to 60% of the people surveyed consider that vocational training has a high degree of employability, while 59% are convinced that there are many opportunities to find employment once they have graduated. This degree has been obtained. The CEAC Barometer report for 2022 seeks to understand the current context of the labor market and vocational training and analyze the potential it has to improve employability in Spain. In this sense, it shows the opinions and experiences of students who attend the distance professional training offered by CEAC, by incorporating more than 800 users into the survey in a wide range of study levels, ages, professional experiences, among other things. CEAC's professional training according to its students According to the Barometer, it was observed that some of the most valued aspects of the students regarding CEAC's distance professional training are the wide range of training, the possibility of making the study more flexible , direct access to employment, adaptability to change, the duration of the training process, among other things. The study shows that CEAC students, when choosing a training center, consider aspects such as the existence of a job bank for students, the offer of approved courses, flexibility in the pace of study, access to a modern and accessible online platform and access to a personalized tutoring service. Along with the aforementioned, the report published by CEAC shows that 74% of its students consider that professional training is an excellent alternative for their career professional, highlighting among its advantages access to knowledge and technical and auxiliary skills that are currently required in the labor market. At the same time, the report shows that up to 69% of students consider that the distance modality is the most appropriate for them, among the different training options currently available. Finally, the report published by CEAC shows that many of those interviewed consider that accessing vocational training has had good results in their professional career, with 38% stating that it has had a positive impact and 28% stating that they have obtained better results in their employability due to this formation. The report shows that 47% of the students have been able to apply for job offers after their vocational training degree, while 41% state that they have changed their professional area once they have completed this training.

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