STATEMENT: Green hydrogen: the great energy challenge for Spain

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Green hydrogen: the great energy challenge for Spain

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, November 25, 2022.

Green hydrogen (H2V) is called to be the fuel for decarbonisation in the next 10 or 15 years and Spain has a historic opportunity to lead this revolutionary renewable energy in Europe. An opportunity for which companies with a clear vision are strongly committed, such as Rolwind, which already in 2020 started two ambitious H2V projects focused on the industry in Andalusia. The implementation of this new energy vector, 100% clean, is another of Rolwind's goals.

H2V is positioned as one of the main future energy vectors, among other reasons because its production and consumption is climate neutral, it does not generate polluting emissions, it allows its local production, generating energy independence from third countries and therefore improving the balance of payments of countries. importing countries. Additionally, hydrogen, used mainly as a component of industrial processes such as oil refining or fertilizers, is now opening up as a new energy where its application in energy and air conditioning of homes, as fuel for light vehicles is already a reality. and heavy vehicles with an electric motor but with autonomy of more than 600 km and charging times of a few minutes, to switch to electric motors the trains whose lines are not electrified and require the use of diesel machines for their service, for ships, planes and a endless new applications. The H2V is, therefore, a real option to reduce the Emissions in sectors such as energy, industry, mobility and even in the residential sector. The recent commitments of the European Commission for aid, worth several billion, linked to the development and implementation of H2V Projects of Common European Interest (PIICE) , as well as the new Energy Security Plan, recently approved by the Government of Spain, which comes to reinforce the measures promoting H2V published in recent years, make clear the strategy of Europe and, specifically, of Spain to want to lead this new vector energy. At the recent meeting of COP27, the governments of the countries that add up to more than half of the world GDP have agreed on an action plan —one year ahead— to accelerate decarbonization, including the increase in the production of H2V, opening the battle for leadership with the US president's announcement to provide aid 275% higher than in the EU to make his H2V more competitive than the eur opeo, which confirms its strategic importance. As Rolwind experts point out, work is already underway on projects for H2V production plants for its different applications: industry, both heavy and last-mile mobility and light vehicles, as well as projects storage, injection into natural gas networks and its use for export to third countries. In fact, the H2V projects that Rolwind is currently developing in the Chemical Pole of Huelva and Campo de Gibraltar in Cádiz (one of the largest H2V projects in Spain) are precisely focused on the industry. In mobility, where H2V has a long history, Rolwind has focused another of its bets on the future, preparing the way for the great challenge in the coming years, through sustainable developments in the application of both its own renewable energy and the necessary water resources. In short, the race for green hydrogen has begun and pioneering companies, such as Rolwind, will be perfectly prepared to face the challenge with solvency, experience and a vision of the future.

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