STATEMENT: The Loewe store in Barcelona and the Hotel Querencia in Seville are "The most efficient buildings in Spain"

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: The Loewe store in Barcelona and the Hotel Querencia in Seville are "The most efficient buildings in Spain"

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The 3 Diamond Awards organized by Mitsubishi Electric, now in its 8th edition, recognize the best practices in the sector at a national level in terms of energy efficiency, design, innovation and indoor air quality

After the celebration of the delivery gala of the 8th edition of the 3 Diamond Awards organized by Mitsubishi Electric, the winners have already been announced, who have stood out as the most efficient buildings in Spain, among the 47 projects presented. An essential annual event that seeks recognition of the best practices in the sector at the national level in terms of energy efficiency, design, indoor air quality and maximum innovation incorporated by air conditioning professionals in their projects. And its fundamental objective is to give visibility and recognize these professionals, especially given the current energy situation. "Now more than ever, the knowledge and good practices of professionals show that we are prepared for this crisis," said Pedro Ruiz, President of Mitsubishi Electric, Spanish Branch, at the gala. The major protagonists have distinguished themselves in two categories: projects up to 200 kW and Projects over 200 kW, with which this year, as in past editions, we have two 3 Diamond Award Winners, two Gold Finalists and two Silver Finalists, and who will be divided an economic endowment of €35,000. Among the winning prizes is, in the category of up to 200kW, the Loewe store located in the Lleó i Morera house on Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona, ​​a project by Álvarez Piqué Arquitectura-Ingeniería, an integrated installation in a luxurious environment that has respected the architectural and patrimonial value of this modernist house. And that stands out, among others, for having a VRF system and recuperators for air renewal, both of high efficiency, and Leed Platinum energy certification in process. In first position, in the category greater than 200kW, the Hotel Querencia Sevilla, Autograph collection by AC-Marriot by 2RDIP Arquitectos, which has stood out for its A energy rating in CO2 Emissions. Located in an environment considered an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC), its infrastructure is affected by an aquifer, which is why an open geothermal system was introduced, resulting in very low energy consumption. The rest of the winners are: Gold Finalist (Up to 200 kW): Casa Guadalcázar (Villafranca del Castillo, Madrid) by Alarife Arquitectos. Gold Finalist (Over 200 kW): Joan XXIII University Hospital (Tarragona) by ARCbcn. Silver Finalist (Up to 200 kW): IES Derio BHI Eraikin Berria (Bilbao) from Indotec IngenieríaSilver Finalist (Over 200 kW): Office Building at Velázquez 86 (Madrid) from Promec Proyectos Mecánicos de Instalaciones Industriales. It should be mentioned that the jury is completely independent and is made up of representatives, presidents and members, of the leading associations in the air conditioning sector in Spain. In addition, nearly 500 projects have been presented, which demonstrates the current importance of promoting energy efficiency in air conditioning projects at the hands of professionals in the sector. The energy system, the basic pillar for the Spanish economy Europe is at a difficult time affecting the economy. The increase in energy costs, together with the objective of decarbonization and the need to increase the efficiency of energy-consuming systems, lead to the need to use more efficient and sustainable technologies, such as aerothermal energy. The European Commission, within of the Green Pact, mentions as a key principle "prioritizing energy efficiency, improving the energy performance of buildings and developing an energy sector based largely on renewable sources". And for this, it is necessary to promote, among other things, innovative technologies and modern infrastructures and to continue promoting energy efficiency. In addition, it must not be forgotten that the energy system is a basic pillar of a country's economy and the concrete measures that are adopted for a balanced transition it will have a positive effect, not only for the industrial and productive fabric, but also for homes and people. And it is precisely what these awards promote, to highlight the work of these professionals who implement innovative technologies and modern infrastructures through the use of the most efficient and sustainable technologies, and that contribute to this necessary transition and to the improvement of society. Because knowledge, good practices and the use of the most efficient technology show that society it is prepared to face the current energy problem.

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