Bills win for Damar Hamlin

Sometimes there are these surreal moments that transcend sports.

Bills win for Damar Hamlin

Sometimes there are these surreal moments that transcend sports. The Bills' victory in their emotionally charged home stadium in Buffalo gave fans something far more powerful than just a football game.

The 35-23 win over the New England Patriots was yet to be recorded as the Bills had already won, sort of. The big win had come during the week, following the good news that strung together after the dramatic accident that almost claimed the life of safety marauder Damar Hamlin.

Yesterday, the latter was installed in his hospital bed watching his Bills with his parents. In itself, that heartwarming little moment was a reminder that no matter what happened on the field against the Patriots, the Bills and Hamlin had already won the lottery of life.

The Bills have a first-round playoff tie with the Miami Dolphins next weekend in Buffalo, but it's the road to get there that's fascinating.

Emotional atmosphere

Prior to the encounter, the number 3 that Hamlin wears was visible everywhere. All over the stadium, all over the players' jerseys, all over the league in pre-game warm-ups. It was striking to see everyone united in a beautiful fraternal demonstration.

The Bills organization took advantage of the moment to pay tribute to its medical staff, to huge applause from the crowd. A delicate and poignant attention that made head coach Sean McDermott's eyes waterlogged. Ours too... A little, a lot!

Hines stands up

This positive energy was quickly transferred to the field. From the initial kickoff, Nyheim Hines grabbed the ball and caused insane frenzy as he ran the 96 yards to the end zone for an electrifying touchdown.

Believe it or not, the Bills hadn't scored a touchdown on a kickoff return in three years and three months. Yes, three, as in Damar Hamlin!

This same Hines gave it a layer in the third quarter with another touchdown on a punt return, this time for 101 yards. He became only the 11th player in NFL history with a brace in the same game.

There had only been four touchdowns on punt returns this season in the NFL before Hines' two. In fresh sense of timing, it's pure and simple magic for this player who was obtained from the Colts at the trade deadline.

It's raining bombs

This whole team, tested by a difficult week, seemed motivated to achieve great things. In the third quarter, Josh Allen joined John Brown on a 42-yard bomb in the end zone.

The receiver, once back on the bench, handed the ball to therapist Denny Kellington, who saved Damar Hamlin's life Monday night, on the field, by administering CPR maneuvers.

Brown, since last year, has been hired and then released by the Raiders, Broncos, Jaguars and Buccaneers. The Bills hired him on their practice squad on November 26.

He hasn't caught a pass since the last week of the 2020 season. How could a play like this happen in such an emotionally important game for the Bills?

The final highlight came from another bomb from Allen, this time to Stefon Diggs, for a 49-yard touchdown. This same Diggs who was the first to go to University Hospital in Cincinnati to support his teammate.

It's hard not to be bowled over by all these events in the same match! The number 3 was in all hearts and on all jerseys. Somehow, he was also in all his glory on the pitch.

The Dolphins

The Dolphins' 11-6 victory over the Jets will never end on a souvenir box, but ultimately, the goal is achieved. The Dolphins have qualified for the playoffs, a first for them since 2016. They have an appointment in Buffalo next weekend.

Mike Tomlin

The Steelers failed in their bid for a playoff berth, but still finished the season 9-8, up from 2-6 at the halfway mark. Mike Tomlin still hasn't had a losing season in 16 years in charge.

The Eagles

The road to the Super Bowl in the National Conference goes through Philadelphia. The Eagles are first in the conference and will therefore have a bye in the first round.

Les Bears

The Texans' win, combined with the Bears' loss, results in the Bears holding the No. 1 pick in the next draft, a first for them since 1947. They can keep it or trade it for a pick windfall to a desperate team. for a quarterback.

Wilson et Olave

Garrett Wilson of the Jets and Chris Olave of the Saints have accomplished something exceptional. The two receivers became the first rookies in history from the same program (Ohio State) to cross the 1,000-yard mark in their first season.

The Patriots

For the second time in three years, the Patriots will not be playoffs. This team, which usually plays such methodical football, allowed the Bills two touchdowns on punt returns, in addition to being the victim of three interceptions. It's going to brew in Foxborough...

Les Ravens

The Ravens started with two strikes with their third quarterback, Anthony Brown, but that does not justify the four turnovers committed. It doesn't smell very good next week in the playoffs against the Bengals in Cincinnati.

Jeff Saturday

The Colts have had a knack for dropping games catastrophically in the fourth quarter this season. It doesn't bode well for Jeff Saturday, hired on an acting basis, to keep his job.

Kyle Trask

The Buccaneers were playing in a game without any stakes. Tom Brady left after 17 passes and it was Blaine Gabbert who came in relief. That says a lot about how the organization feels about 2021 second-round pick Kyle Trask. A selection wasted and to be forgotten.

The Chargers

The loss does not change their positioning for the playoffs, but Brandon Staley had taken the gamble of playing his starters and not only did his team fail, but receiver Mike Williams was injured.

The end for a great

It is not a game as such, but rather a great moment, which is at issue here. Cardinals defensive end J.J. Watt was playing his last career game. He announced his retirement recently and, even if the Cardinals got destroyed by the 49ers, he can leave with his head held high. Watt finished the game with two quarterback sacks, giving him 114.5 career sacks. Watt was one of the most dominant players of his era. Goodbye !

Rare victory for the Texans

The Texans disappointed some of their fans by winning against the Colts. Why ? Because they lost the first draft pick to the Bears. The Texans were trailing 31-24 when on a fourth down and 20 yards to go, they surprised everyone when Davis Mills joined Jordan Akins in the end zone. The ball spun into the hands of Colts safety Rodney Thomas II and the Texans then pulled off the two-point conversion. A victory with a special flavour!

The Cowboys Flat

There is reason to be worried about the Cowboys as the playoffs dawn. Dak Prescott only completed 14 of 37 passes and the team again suffered two turnovers. This is clearly not what was expected from a team that played its starters. It was the fourth time in the past five weeks that the team had committed two or more turnovers. The defense didn't look good against a quarterback, Sam Howell, who was in his first start. Not reassuring in view of the match against the Buccaneers.

The Seahawks narrowly

It took until overtime to see the Seahawks win on a 32-yard field goal from Jason Myers. Nothing was easy for the Seahawks against Rams decimated and anxious to savor the end of a long ordeal. Besides, will Sean McVay decide to jump ship? To be continued ! As for the Seahawks, it is impossible not to qualify this season as a total success. The rookies performed, the team exceeded expectations and the future is bright.

The defense saves the day

There is a lot of talk about the progress of young Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence. With good reason, but against the Titans, it was the defense that saved the day. Late in the game, safety Rayshawn Jenkins rushed on a blitz and joined quarterback Joshua Dobbs for a sack, which caused him to lose the ball. Defensive end Josh Allen picked up the ball and ran into the end zone for the game-winning touchdown. The Jaguars are in the playoffs for the first time since 2017.

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