The 27 postpone the decision on the freezing of regional funds to Hungary


The 27 postpone the decision on the freezing of regional funds to Hungary


The Ministers of Economy and Finance of the European Union (Ecofin) have postponed this Tuesday their decision on the freezing of 7,500 million euros of Cohesion funds to Hungary that Brussels requests due to problems of corruption and the rule of law, a point that they had to address but that they have finally withdrawn from the agenda, as has the discussion about the 15% tax on multinationals, while Budapest tries to exert pressure with reservations on macro-financial aid to Ukraine.

The aid of 18,000 million to Ukraine is the only point of public discussion of the four main pillars that the ministers were to discuss this Tuesday, after the 15% rate for multinationals has also been parked.

The postponement has been decided at an informal breakfast prior to the meeting and the approval of Hungary's recovery plan of 5,800 million has been privately discussed, but conditioning any disbursement to meet the objectives set in the reforms that are required to fight against corruption and strengthen judicial independence.

The files have been parked by the pulse of the Hungarian Government, which tried to link its access to European funds to other key issues on the economic agenda of the 27, such as macroeconomic aid to Ukraine, which also needs the unanimity of the countries or the rate 15% to multinationals.

However, a decision on the conditionality mechanism is necessary before December 19, the date on which the legal term will expire, so, according to what the European Commissioner for the Economy, Paolo Gentiloni, advanced on Monday, it is possible that there will be a new ministers meeting in a week.