Wimbledon: Denis Shapovalov wants to find his bearings

LONDON | Denis Shapovalov has been looking for himself for a few weeks.

Wimbledon: Denis Shapovalov wants to find his bearings

LONDON | Denis Shapovalov has been looking for himself for a few weeks. Victories are rare. He hopes that the Wimbledon tournament will allow him to revive.

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The Ontarian has not won in his last five tournaments. He did not last long at Roland-Garros with a defeat in the first round. He bowed to players who were within his reach. In short, it's not going well.

Despite his difficulties on the field, Shapovalov was pleasant trade when we met him at the end of the week. He remains positive in anticipation of the major tournament which begins today at the All England Club.

The left-hander would like to repeat his exploits from last year when he participated in the semi-finals.

"It hasn't been easy in recent weeks," said Denis Shapovalov. I learned several lessons.

“I focus on being ready for the tournament. I had good feelings here last year. I feel good on the field.”

He is well aware of the expectations placed on him.

"Last year is last year," Shapovalov added. I am preparing for the 2022 edition of Wimbledon. Nothing is ever guaranteed.

“In the first round, I face a big server (Arthur Rinderknech) and it will not be easy. I have confidence that I can go far in the tournament. I'm excited."

Contre Rinderknech

Continuing on from his first-round clash, Shapovalov is expecting a tough day at the office.

“It promises to be a long and complicated match, underlined the Ontarian. He beat me this year and he's a tough opponent. He has played well over the past two years.

"It's never easy to face a big server on the grass. Traditionally, the Wimbledon surface is slower than elsewhere. It will be to my advantage.”

This duel is of paramount importance for him. If he can win with a good performance, the 16th racket in the world will be able to regain the confidence lost during the last tournaments.

The title and nothing else

Like the other players, Shapovalov will not be able to get ATP ranking points even if he repeats his exploits from last year. He will still be able to receive an interesting scholarship.

Points or money? The principal's response was not long in coming.

“Neither. What is important to me is the title, he answered the question of the representative of the Journal de Montreal. If you can make your mark, it allows you to be part of the history of the tournament.

“When I was little, all I wanted to do was go to big events like Wimbledon. It is my dream to be here. For the rest, whether it's points or scholarships, it doesn't matter to me. It's an honor to play in this tournament."

Mirjam to the rescue

During his slow times, Shapovalov can count on a spouse who is able to support him in the right way.

This is the player Myrjam Bjorklund. The two athletes have been dating for a few years. The Swede often attends her lover's matches when her schedule allows.

"It's amazing to have him by my side," Shapovalov said. It's my best friend.

"She is always here for me. To see her deliver good performances, it motivates me to the highest degree and it makes me want to return to the field. She is able to understand me better than many other people.

“We talk a lot together and that allows me to see clearly the problems I may have. I couldn't have a better partner."

The tournament opens today at Wimbledon. Rebecca Marino will be the only Canadian in action.

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