In the kitchen with Tamy Emma Pepin: discoveries on the menu

Tamy hosts the culinary show Resto pop-up on the Vrai platform!.

In the kitchen with Tamy Emma Pepin: discoveries on the menu

Tamy hosts the culinary show Resto pop-up on the Vrai platform!

In each episode, a guest chef creates a special menu for a festive evening, allowing viewers to discover his original culinary culture.

Tamy is a traveler at heart and soul. Born to a Quebec father and a Moroccan mother, she also spends several months a year in Morocco.

It is also her various participations in travel programs that have nourished this passionate about gastronomic, tourist, cultural and artistic encounters.

Tamy is a lover of quality products, respecting nature and those for whom they were produced.

In the morning, tea or coffee?

Coffee in the morning, sancha tea more in the afternoon and herbal tea in the evening.

Croissant or oatmeal, fruit...?

Toast sourdough bread usually with a little cheese. I really like fresh fruit, in fact, everything that is very fresh and even refreshing seduces me. Yogurt, oatmeal, berries, cereal, it all depends on when and who I'm with.

Sliced ​​bread or baguette?

Baguette, I also like to buy multigrain bread, traditional breads from the country I visit, for example.

Cheese or dessert ?

Spontaneously, I would rather say cheese. Here again, discovering the local products of the countries or regions I visit is a real pleasure. I usually like firm cheeses, like the Comtomme from the La Station cheese dairy in Compton, but when I go to the Jean-Talon market, the Qui lait cru or Hamel cheese dairy, I ask them for advice. It's perfect to get into the spirit of discovery and I'm never disappointed, especially with Quebec cheeses. Otherwise, I like desserts that are not too sweet, lemon pie, tartlets with small red fruits, such as raspberries.

Meat or fish ?

Rather fishy. Generally white-fleshed fish, but also salmon trout.

What makes you happy when you receive a plate at the restaurant?

That it is appetizing, colorful, varied, that there are several bright ingredients, even for a salad.

With the steak, salad or fries?

Both (laughs)!

Caramel or chocolate?

I'm a chocolate lover, dark, at least 75% cocoa and more. Sometimes a chocolate with a little fantasy, nuts, cocoa bean chips, almonds, dried fruit, fleur de sel...

Cake or cookie?

Biscuit. I like oatmeal raisin cookies, almond cookies, biscotti.

Your birthday cake?

A cake with marzipan, strawberry or raspberry.

White or red?

Mainly natural wines, we have access, here, in Quebec and in Canada, to an incredible choice in this category, even at the SAQ, and there again, I let myself be carried away by the suggestions and in the restaurant by the sommelier, a profession whom I respect a lot. I really like the wines from the Les Vins Dame-Jeanne wine agency and the Œnopole agency, such as the delicious Domaine Chamonard.

Bubbles or cocktail for the aperitif?

Cocktail, right now, I'm very tequila. A good margarita with good fresh herbs, citrus... I also like cocktails with a hint of bitterness, it's often a discovery. Here again, the bartenders and mixologists offer very creative things and I leave it to them to help me discover their creations.

Tell me about your favorite kitchen accessory and why did you choose it?

Oh, that's very emotional for me, because these objects follow me everywhere since I left the family home. My mom's wooden spoons.

Do you have a little ritual when you prepare meals? Small glass of wine, background music, do you sing?

What I can say is that my guests will be involved, music, wine, and very good discussion. Otherwise, if I am alone, I listen to podcasts, it is a moment of break from life, of calm, often of beautiful discoveries and reflections.

Is hosting at home important to you?

The act of gathering to eat is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful human experiences. For me, it is an opportunity for sharing, pleasure, an exchange of energy. When I receive friends, I like to prepare a fish in the oven, accompanied by roasted potatoes with fine herbs, asparagus if they are in season, otherwise I replace with other vegetables! And several small starters to share... sourdough bread, fresh food: zebra tomatoes, burrata, basil. Arugula for its peppery side, radicchio for its sweet bitterness, endives, avocados, pine nuts... it depends on the season.

Tell me about the culinary achievement you are proud of.

To make a success of a family recipe from my mother, originally from northern Morocco. She introduced me to the preparation of the tortilla and when I make it and it comes as close as possible to the original flavors, close to those of my mother, I am at the height of happiness. Potatoes, eggs, fresh parsley, cheese, mild spices. Also, I was rather proud the first time I made and succeeded in making a risotto. It was a parmesan risotto with a few truffles, grilled steak, and a handful of arugula. Tasty !

What did you smell at home, in the kitchen, when you were little?

Like many children in Quebec, the spaghetti sauce is a must, the shepherd's pie, but also the spices in the mortar, the smell of semolina that my mom prepared with love. Otherwise, I have a childhood memory in Morocco, at my uncle's who had prepared a fabulous mechoui. The children were running everywhere, with cries and laughter, the flowers, the fruits, the smells of the lamb on the sweet embers, the wind, the sun, the joy everywhere. It still bothers me thinking about it. Like what, sensory, olfactory memories sublimate the emotional and nourish our soul.

Your favorite restaurants?

Montreal: Vin Mon Lapin, Vin Papillon, I’m hungry, Third Landscape, Candide, Bouillon Bilk, Leméac, L’express and Monarque

Quebec: The case is ketchup

Marrakech : Plus 61

Spain: Bar Milagros, in Ibiza

New York: Wallsé and Lucien

Favorite culinary products?

Since I am regularly in Morocco, I recently discovered a truly exceptional olive oil from Domaine Sauvage. It is in Morocco, about 30 km from Marrakech. This couple, Souhail and Delphine, transformed a desert land into a veritable oasis of biodiversity. Meals there are memorable. The plates are very colorful... sautéed vegetables, hyper peppery arugula, edible flowers, wine, olives, honey with thyme... The topography is incredible, you can see the horizon and the contrast between the farm and the surrounding desert hills is absolutely striking. I feel totally free when I am close to the ground, when I feel the air, the wind. This is my little paradise.

Favorite restaurant meal?

Lobster spaghetti at Joe Beef, lamb chops and fish at Mylos, Portuguese chicken at La Poule Mouille, sorrel soup at Express and veal ravioli at Brasserie Bernard.

What can't you do without in the kitchen?

My father was an agronomist and with him, we toured agricultural Quebec, maple syrup producers, therefore, maple syrup. Moreover, in the Pépin family, there is a sugar bush still in commercial activity. Otherwise, lemon, butter, olive oil, fresh herbs, parsley, mint, basil, rosemary.

Guilty greed?

Chips, not too guilty (laughs)!

Your favorite style of cooking?

I think there is no more secret now, it is Mediterranean cuisine. For its diversity, its benefits and its freshness.

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