Video games: Zombies, witches and other Halloween monsters

A treat and thrill lover's favorite day is upon us.

Video games: Zombies, witches and other Halloween monsters

A treat and thrill lover's favorite day is upon us. If you can't stuff yourself with sweets through a screen, it is on the other hand possible to have strong emotions, and this, for both young and old.

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No way to scare people more sensitive to horror. The following games are therefore in the spirit of Halloween, without making people scream in fear.

«Luigi’s Mansion 3»

Mario and his friends have disappeared and it is therefore Luigi who must save them. Armed with a vacuum cleaner that is reminiscent of that of the heroes of “S.O.S. Ghost”, he will therefore have to suck up all the creatures in addition to solving puzzles and facing the “boss” of each floor of the hotel.

«Plants vs. Zombies 2»

This cartoon-looking phone game requires players to battle funny zombies with an army of fun-loving plants. Pure entertainment... including for adults.

«Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered»

Impossible to talk about Halloween without mentioning the video game of the cult film franchise. As a skilled ghost hunter, you will have to deliver New York from the ectoplasms that populate it. Yes you have a proton pack and yes this is a third person shooter.

«Goosebumps: Night of Scares»

Pre-teens will dive into this universe populated by animated monsters and other creatures straight from the imagination of author R.L. Stine, whose voice here is that of Jack Black. It is therefore necessary to capture the werewolves and other supernatural inhabitants of this particular world to free the author.

«Battle Chef Brigade»

Apprentice cooks and other lovers of good food will be delighted with this title which combines competition and puzzle. What does it have to do with Halloween? You cook with meat from monsters that you have to go and catch. Yum!

Those who want to dive into horror games will love the following titles; guaranteed to generate scares...

«Resident Evil»

A classic among classics since the release of the first game in 1996, the "Resident Evil" series hasn't aged a bit. Set sail for Racoon City – or sometimes elsewhere – and fight against hordes of zombies who will not hesitate for a moment to attack you. It's gory, full of action and it's also a great excuse to stay at home! And for lovers of crazy universes, bordering on madness, “Resident Evil Village” takes you to a haunted house full of witches and demonic dolls.

«Little Nightmares»

With such a title meaning “little nightmares”, one would expect something relatively quiet. Fake. We find there the monsters of childhood as well as a doll's house having nothing playful. Filled with chilling symbolism, this title is sure to give chills.

«At Dead of Night»

You are locked up in a haunted hotel. How do you escape? By finding out what happened to the customers. But – and you guessed it – there is a very “small” additional difficulty since you have to escape from the manager of the establishment who is relentlessly hunting you down. And if, while reading these lines, you thought of “Shining: the child of light”, you are not far from the mark.


Who has never dreamed of becoming a ghost hunter? In “Phasmophobia,” players are teamed up through a haunted house in order to hunt a spirit. Be careful, the ectoplasm is not particularly friendly and has fun eliminating the members of the team, one by one, which gives rise to rather interesting things.

«Blair Witch»

Based on the eponymous film, the first-person game will immerse you in a forest in Maryland in 1996. "Blair Witch" begins as a traditional police investigation, but quickly turns - as in its cinematic version - into a veritable nightmare worthy of terrifying the more seasoned.

The link book

«Luigi’s Mansion 3» : pour Switch

«Plants vs. Zombies 2» : pour iOS et Android

«Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered» : pour Windows via Steam

“Goosebumps: Night of Scares”: for various platforms

«Battle Chef Brigade» : pour Windows, PlayStation et Switch

“Resident Evil”: for various platforms

“Little Nightmares”: for different platforms

«At Dead of Night» : pour Windows via Steam

«Phasmophobia» : pour Windows

«Blair Witch»: pour Windows, PlayStation, Xbox et Switch

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