Will Yesenia Gomez want her revenge?

Mexico's Yesenia Gomez has a rematch clause against new champion Kim Clavel.

Will Yesenia Gomez want her revenge?

Mexico's Yesenia Gomez has a rematch clause against new champion Kim Clavel. However, following the battle won by the Quebecer on Friday evening at the Casino de Montreal, it is not clear that Gomez will wish to take advantage of this option.

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"We'll see if Gomez still has the taste to fight against Kim Clavel," coach Danielle Bouchard said on Saturday morning, concluding an interview with the show "Salut Bonjour", about a possible revenge.

For now, the time has come for Clavel, the World Boxing Council (WBC) light flyweight champion, to fully savor her triumph. The protected of the Group Yvon Michel will also be entitled to an optional defense before possibly meeting the Mexican again. If so, the duel should take place in Cancun, Mexico.

One thing is certain, Danielle Bouchard could hardly be more complimentary about Clavel the day after her brilliant victory by unanimous decision of the judges (100-90, 99-91 and 99-91).

"If you knew all the little details, the minutes we spend in training and outside of training to fine-tune the end result, it's incredible, but it's so worth it," said the coach. It is rewarding. And coming from Kim Clavel, that's even more valuable because she's such an amazing person. She's a world champion in every sense of the word."

"She was in full possession of her faculties," continued Bouchard. To be in control in a stressful situation of this level and to be able to perform as she did yesterday [Friday] is an extraordinary achievement. She delivered the goods.”

A whole team

For the coach, it is a privilege to be able to work with Clavel, but it is also mutual.

“She decided to surround herself with us, with a team that is loyal and in which she has confidence, noted the coach. They are a competent team and today we see the results of their hard work.”

“Kim has managed to demonstrate everything she is capable of doing in training, also recognized Danielle Bouchard. It was her dream to do it and she executed it.

Kim Clavel is only the second Quebecer to win a world champion title in boxing, after Marie-Ève ​​Dicaire.

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