ANNOUNCEMENT: XCMG engages 3,000 customers from 50 countries in World Service Month

XUZHOU, China, Nov.

ANNOUNCEMENT: XCMG engages 3,000 customers from 50 countries in World Service Month

XUZHOU, China, Nov. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- XCMG (SHE: 000425), the world's third largest construction machinery manufacturer, has recently completed its World Service Month event, visiting some 3,000 companies from 50 countries and regions to enhance the customer experience among its global industrial customers in resources, energy, transportation, construction, and more.

During the month of September, company representatives racked up more than one million kilometers of travel as they endeavored to provide XCMG customers with value-added services such as equipment inspections, operational guidance, and overseas promotion of the X App. -GSS of the company. For key market areas, they emphasized and guaranteed the company's standards of "respond within 15 minutes, arrive within 2-24 hours, and complete the job within 4-48 hours."

"XCMG has always held the global construction aftermarket as a top priority during our push for international development," said Lu Chuan, President and Deputy Party Secretary of XCMG Machinery. "We have continuously increased investments in this area in recent years and have established a comprehensive overseas after-sales network."

"XCMG has built up a team of nearly 4,000 overseas service engineers and empowered its global customers through the 'XCMG Global Digital Parts Service Information System (X-GSS).' new-generation cutting-edge technologies such as big data and 5G to be able to offer timely and convenient services," Lu added.

One of the most interesting aspects of World Service Month was the experience of the service team in Gabon, Africa. The five-person team left the capital, Libreville, in early September, traveling more than 2,000 kilometers to four sites located in old-growth forest to provide door-to-door services to customers.

To get to the construction site, the group had to cross two rivers by boat and then navigate a new forest road built by bulldozers, an epic journey that took more than 10 hours. Around the world, there were countless other service teams, like the one in Gabon, who did their best to make a difference during XCMG's World Service Month. Service teams are made up of engineers and product managers who help machine users around the world with maintenance, training and other professional services.

XCMG has also announced its plans to collaborate with global partners to build overseas training centers in more than ten countries, such as Thailand and Indonesia, to provide support for overseas localized training. Its goal is to train 1,000 service engineers and 10,000 mechanics abroad.

XCMG's World Service Month was well received around the world. "With the help of the XCMG service team, they taught me how to use the X-GSS system first-hand," said Supia, a customer from Indonesia.

Other customers were reassured by the level of after-sales services. "I am very glad I bought a ZL50GN loader, it works very well," said Ahmend in Ghana. "XCMG's perfect after-sales service also makes me feel more at ease."

Shakhawat from Bangladesh was impressed by the availability of the services. "No matter when the problem occurs, XCMG's service team can come to the scene and help solve the problem at the first time, which is really great!" he said.

In the future, XCMG aims to establish a multifunctional system for registering overseas customers' service information based on its existing global service network. The company intends to increase the quality of the services offered through this initiative.

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