Brazil: Lula turns to the United Nations

A Brazilian court has asked ex-President Lula to report to the police until the evening. He now fights against the arrest warrant in several places.

Brazil: Lula turns to the United Nations

Brazilian ex-President Inácio Lula da Silva, in face of arrest warrant issued against him, enters United Nations Human Rights Committee (UN) in Geneva. It had been requested re on Friday a restraining order to avert a detention yet, Lula's lawyer Cristiano Zanin Martins told German press agency. The injunction would be averted until all remedies against Lula's sentencing were exhausted to twelve years in prison.

In Geneva, a UN spokeswoman confirmed information. The Human Rights Committee received an application for an "interim measure". The Human Rights Committee will deal with request of Lula in coming days.

Brazilian media reports that Lula's legal agents have appealed furr to detention. The ex-president is still open to or appellate bodies in Brazil against arrest warrant before Supreme Court (STJ) and STF responsible for constitutional matters.

On Thursday, Judge Sérgio Moro had issued a warrant against Lula convicted of corruption. He was supposed to be in Südbrasilianischen city of Curitiba on Friday until 5:00 pm (10pm).

Lula will not follow order of court

But Lula does not suggest flying re, according to his own specifications. In a telephone conversation with newspaper Folha de São Paulo, he said he would not face police.

Lula spent night on Friday in seat of metal Workers ' Union of São Bernardo do Campo in area of São Paulo, where he began his career in late 1970s. Many supporters of former head of state gared in front of trade union building on Friday.

The Supreme Court of Brazil had previously dismissed Lula's request not to be held in custody until end of an appeal proceedings. The 72-year-old is said to have accepted renovation of a luxury apartment in scandal of bribes in order to state oil company Petrobras by construction company OAS.

Lula was Brazilian head of state between 2003 and 2011. In election in October, he wants to run for highest state office again.

Updated Date: 07 April 2018, 12:02

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