Songs released in October to discover

Apples, preparations for Halloween and.

Songs released in October to discover

Apples, preparations for Halloween and... new songs that rocked the beautiful colorful autumn days. October did not disappoint our ears. Here are our favorites.

Over to you Garou

(CB) For his next album, our own Garou, who is also a bit their own, dives into the repertoire of their own Joe Dassin, which we loved so much at home. As an appetizer, his version of the piece À toi, perfectly put in his hand without losing the spirit of the original. The continuation during the publication of Garou plays Dassin, on November 4.

This is my lady, Marilyne Léonard

(SEN) The brand new excerpt from the eccentric and talented Marilyne Léonard is both a metaphor for an intense love story and her journey in the world of music. The dancing and colorful clip is sweet!

Meteor, Blesse

(RGM) Making catchy pop, the young band hurts offers us a new extract, which will be found on their album to be released this winter on Simone Records. On Meteor, which the musicians describe as "a modern apocalyptic ballad", we dive headfirst into this lively tale of cosmic love.

Love, hate and danger, Angèle

(CB) The Angèle formula – social reflection paired with a catchy pop melody – is no longer surprising, but it remains effective. Here, the Belgian star attacks our addiction to smartphones with her clever repartee. Listen without fail... on your smart phone if necessary.

Like a Flower, Lulu Hughes

(SEN) This is the only track in French from the powerful new album Built Near the Water by Lulu Hughes. It's languorous, sweet and meaningful. “I want to live forever”, sings the one who has fought three cancers over the past few years.

Zayon, FouKi

(RGM) One of the most popular rappers in Quebec will return in early 2023 with a new album. Here he released a tasty extract, Zayon, and from the first seconds, we see that FouKi has not lost the groove. The piece is likely to raise the crowd at Place Bell on April 8.

To kill time, Adib Alkhalidey

(CB) For his first album, in 2020, he hid under the pseudonym Abelaïd. This time, the comedian / actor goes there under his real name. Rightly. Slow and booming, the intriguing melody of the first extract from his next album seems to lay the foundations of a sound universe like no other.

Girl, Men I Trust 

(RGM) The trio from Quebec is back with a spellbinding piece of dream pop style. On this melancholy masculine-feminine duet, we find lyrics in both the languages ​​of Shakespeare and Molière. A rather unusual touch for this formation that we welcome with a big smile.

No thanks, Rosie Valland

(SEN) It's danceable, lively and joyfully sarcastic. On this excerpt from her 3rd album called Emmanuelle, Rosie Valland combines her warm voice with pop rhythms to denounce all those moments when people made her feel inadequate in her career.

Zouh, Chilla

(CB) In Quebec and France, female rap is progressing. Among the cousins, there is Chilla who has been making a name for himself for a few years. On Zouh's efficient carabineer rhythm, she takes stock of her extra pounds without depriving herself... of rhymes.

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