RELEASE: HL Klemove and Sonatus sign an MoU for collaboration in automotive architecture technology

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: HL Klemove and Sonatus sign an MoU for collaboration in automotive architecture technology

(Information sent by the signatory company)

- HL Klemove and Sonatus sign MoU for collaboration on next-generation automotive architecture technology at CES 2023

It is expected to spur the development of autonomous driving technology in preparation for the SDV (Software Defined Vehicle) era.

LAS VEGAS and SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On Jan. 6, HL Klemove, who specializes in autonomous driving solutions for HL Group, signed a memorandum of understanding with Sonatus, a specialized company in vehicular data and communications, at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The two companies have agreed to collaborate on the development of next-generation automotive architecture technology, in preparation for the coming era of "Software Defined Vehicle (SDV)", where mobility will be software-centric. Pal-joo Yoon, Hyung-jin Kang (HL Klemove CEO and CTO respectively), Jeffrey Chou and John Heinlein (Sonatus CEO and CMO respectively) attended the signing ceremony.

Most vehicles are equipped with 'distributed control architectures', in which dozens of electronic controllers work individually to provide mobility solutions. In this form of architecture, the application of new software is highly restricted due to limitations related to the hardware of each controller and other complex interrelationships. To address this problem, various attempts are being made to integrate multiple electronic controllers into next-generation automotive architecture. This phenomenon can be observed in DCU (Domain Control Unit), which integrates controllers from different functions, as well as in Z-ECU (Zonal Electronic Control Unit) which integrates controllers from different zones regardless of Functions and Zones. Building on the successful commercialization of DCUs for autonomous driving, HL Klemove, in collaboration with Sonatus, plans to accelerate the development of next-generation automotive architecture technologies, including Z-ECUs.

A large amount of data is required to operate mobility solutions. Given that, stable data communication in a vehicle is an essential requirement for controller integration, the main reason for HL Klemove's association with Sonatus. Sonatus not only owns a high-quality communication platform, but also succeeded in commercializing vehicle communication controls, such as *CCU (Central Communication Unit). The two companies plan to focus on developing next-generation embedded control platforms; a prerequisite for the realization of future vehicles as SDVs (Software-Defined Vehicles).

HL Klemove CEO Pal-joo Yoon said on the CES site that day, "The CCU we unveiled at CES was the first result of our collaboration with Sonatus," adding, "By building the next-generation automotive architecture generation, we will make sure that it is prepared to face the new automotive paradigm, the SDV".

Sonatus, located in Silicon Valley, is a mobility software developer founded in 2018, with a vision of helping vehicles become "Data Centers on Wheels". Global automobile manufacturers are paying close attention to their network-based communication and data solution technologies.

About H. L. Klemove

HL Klemove is a world leading provider of autonomous driving solutions with over 2,100 patents and a proven track record. The company started anew through the merger of two companies, the ADAS business unit which was spun off from HL Mando (KS 204320), the global auto parts company, and Mando-Hella Electronics, a leader in electronic parts technology for cars. HL Klemove offers a comprehensive solution for L2/L3 autonomous driving and plans to launch state-of-the-art autonomous driving products such as a high-resolution camera and an integrated domain control unit by 2025. The company serves more than fifty (50 ) customers who are major OEMs and start-ups of electric vehicles and autonomous driving around the world. HL Klemove currently has 3 manufacturing footprints in Songdo (Korea), Suzhou (China) and Chennai (India). The newly established corporation in Mexico will support its clients in North America. In addition to manufacturing footprints, the company operates global R&D centers in places like Pangyo, Korea, Bengaluru, India, Suzhou, China, and Silicon Valley, US. HL Klemove promises safe and comfortable driving through its advanced sensors and SW algorithm, thanks to the strong capabilities of electronic products. For more information, visit []

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