STATEMENT: VIDAA targets the US market

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: VIDAA targets the US market

(Information sent by the signatory company)

VIDAA is Hisense's preferred Smart TV operating system and is now available in 180 countries and territories

NEW YORK, Jan. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- VIDAA, the operating system for smart TVs, today announced that it has launched its new US market-focused operating system on Hisense smart TVs, following a large-scale rollout in Latin America.

With less than three years of life, VIDAA already broadcasts an average of one billion hours of content per month in 180 countries and territories. In addition, the fast and powerful operating system supports AirPlay 2, among its powerful set of features like VIDAA voice (in addition to Google Voice and Alexa), VIDAA tv, a FAST service, and its mobile companion VIDAA remote. Its growth strategy began in Europe and then in the Middle East, Australia and APAC, and most recently in Latin America. 150 original equipment manufacturers have chosen VIDAA OS for their Smart TVs. With the entry into the US, VIDAA completes the global distribution of VIDAA in the main markets.

As a subsidiary of Hisense, VIDAA leverages the global strength of what is now the world's second largest TV maker by units sold and moves in parallel with Hisense's ambitions to compete with Samsung and LG for market share. Hisense is in full swing, with branded TV shipments up 30% between January and October 2022 and continued growth for eight consecutive months since March. This momentum, coupled with Hisense's recent sponsorship of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the final match of which drew 26 million people in the United States alone, is another sign of its continued success and rise to global prominence.

VIDAA intends to ride this wave in the US as well, but has also moved at an astonishing pace to bring more content to US audiences locally and globally. In the last 24 months they have added Disney, Apple TV, Peacock, Paramount, Crackle, BET, Amazon Music and many other key applications for the US market, adding to Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Pluto TV, Xumo and others already available.

"Our relationship with Hisense is unique in the digital TV industry, where each party leverages the other's strengths for mutual benefit," said Guy Edri, President of VIDAA. "Hisense gets a proprietary operating system and content platform that performs as well or better than any other, and VIDAA benefits from being an organic component of one of the world's largest and fastest growing TV brands."

Not only do consumers have more choice, but so do advertisers. VIDAA has launched display and video advertising solutions that make it possible to reach and target these devices and viewers for the first time. Managed service solutions are designed to help advertisers get their programs and apps out there and promote viewing among consumers. Each display campaign is backed by reports that confirm the return on investment. Off-platform brand advertisers can run VIDAA's video ad solutions to extend their reach within ad breaks delivered to viewers viewing VIDAA's FAST service and within third-party AVOD applications on VIDAA devices. These ad slots are available as a managed service or programmatically through the advertiser's preferred DSP under a deal ID established on Tremor International's Unruly platform.

VIDAA's growth and development, along with its relationship with Hisense and its partners, contribute to bringing VIDAA to the leadership of Smart TVs. Hisense Smart TV's No. 2 position in units sold and global coverage ranks VIDAA as one of the fastest growing TV operating system platforms in the world.


VIDAA is a technology and innovation company whose main product is VIDAA Smart TV OS and Content Platform. Founded in 2019 by the Hisense Group and other investors, the company was born with the aim of building a market-leading Smart TV operating system and Content Platform that would place the consumer at the center of the experience. Through the VIDAA platform, content such as movies, shows, news and sports are made available to viewers through an easy-to-use interface and one-click access feature.

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